Playstation Move Review – Lazygamer Being Not-So-Lazy

Nick from Lazygamer has had some hands on time with the upcoming Move and all it's demo titles.. here's his findings

"The Sony Playstation Move is finally here and promises to usher in a new era of high definition precision to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Our Playstation Move Demo kit arrived this week, and after we were done ogling the very pretty box that it arrived in, we decided to break out the goods and find out what we were in for.

We have taken care of a virtual pet, we have played many strange sports, we have ridden an office chair down a hill, and we have done our best to not break everything in the gaming room to bring you this definite Playstation Move review."

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Steve_Urkel2813d ago

The Bad

- Launch titles are for casual gamers only

- Some issues with lighting

- Space requirements may cause issues

Interesting. Isn't these the same issues people where down playing Kinect for?

Did I dooo that?

jneul2812d ago

- RUSE is coming out soon and that is not casual, also RE5:Gold and HR have move support as well, so complaint 1 debunked
- watch this to see how much it takes to throw the move off, and yes it takes alot complaint 2 debunked
- space requirements are optional yes 8ft distance is the optimal but move works if you are far away or really close, complaint 3 debunked

kinect has way more complaints than that, what about the horrible lag, not recognising coloured people, or people wearing dresses, the horrible pointer control functionality as kinect does not track you hand very well, it's so awkward to select a simple menu control, and finally kinect is not very precise, even wii>>kinect

GavinMannion2812d ago

I haven't heard about Kinect not picking up coloured people.. Are you sure you're not getting confused with the HP webcam?

Stealth Disagreer2812d ago

Why bring kinect into this someones insecure hahaha

jneul2812d ago

I know it was an issue, as I saw a video of guys playing on it and the pointer on the menu was all over the place, on kinect adventures, hopefully they have fixed it by now as the video i watched was around E3 time when they unleashed kinect in macy's.

Ron_Danger2812d ago

MAG's had MOVE support in the new beta since it started earlier this month... every once in a while you'll play with someone using it and they very rarely lose a gun fight... the only complaint i'd hear them talk about was the knife swiping cause it swings the screen around but zipper fixed that in the new patch

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2812d ago
Hairy Chewie2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Just in regards to your comment;
-Launch titles being casual with hardcore titles to come beats an entire library of casual games, which at the moment is what the kinect's is looking like.

-Lighting shouldn't be a problem for most people, it's only intense light that really causes issues, so unless you have a massive window behind you when you play (how could those people watch tv with the glare anyway?) it should be fine.
- 4-8ft isn't much, I don't know how anyone could expext to motion game in less room than that.

strickers2812d ago

No.The problems with Kinect are it's laggy,has no feedback and cameras don't make great game controllers.

btk2812d ago

Lets just rectify this statement
What do you classify as a casual title? All sports games? Fight Night Round 4? Actually - the difference between Casual and Core according to me - is that the core gamer is willing to pay for accuracy and quality - where the casual gamer wants to pick up and play for ten minutes and not spend much money on it.

Proshot Golf is a hardcore game in my opinion. The Wii Golf is a casual game. You pay for the difference. The casual gamer does not want to go into the detail precision golf technique to master the game - he wants to swing away.

With Move games, on easy settings - that would be you casual crowd. On difficult it will be a hardcore game. Kinect will only be casual because it can not cater for the hardcore in terms of accuracy. The mistake MS is making is that they are offering a casual level accuracy device at hardcore price. They will miss both markets.

With Move, one controller you can get the casual crowd - if they are willing to shell the moolah out for a PS3. On the price of PS3+Move and XB360+Kinect, they may still both miss a large proportion of the Casual crowd.

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Steve_Urkel2813d ago Show
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r0gueZA2813d ago

Ye common Sony, we need some non-casual games before I can get excited about it

Mr Vengeance2812d ago

Apart from the games previously mentioned MAG got ab update to support MOVE. Day 1

btk2812d ago

ProShot Golf, RUSE, MAG2, KZ3 - they are all coming. And multiplats will be Move enabled. No problem on the PS3 side to cater for casual and hardcore.

GavinMannion2812d ago

a major problem with the new N4G is that if a story doesn't crack 50 before it's approved it won't get anywhere.. this story is now floundering in limbo desperately hoping to get above 50

Chris3992812d ago

A.) Include pixel-magnified screenshot comparisons of multi-plats that look almost identical except under extreme scrutiny.

B.) Slander Kinect or the Wii or the Move enough to attract the trolls.

C.) Use a sensationalist headline: "Why the PS DOESN'T MOVE."

D.) Use some other flamboyant spin, sales statistic reference, Amazon pre-order figures or flame-bait.

I love these sorts of articles, you know, factual reporting. The kind of stuff that gamers should be reading. It's a very thorough review with a good spread of pros/ cons.

I salute you for creating something of substance; there's little of that these days.

CBaoth2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Maybe I glossed over many of the fanboy articles, but I didn't know it interfaced with the XMB and was a solid alternative to a BR remote as well. As for the PSeye, anyone who's played a few games of The Eye of Judgment knows it can be a little sketchy at times.

Already pre-paid for the MOVE and its navigator. A little worried about needing a 2nd wand for some games; though it looks like a 2nd is needed more for casual games rather than core apps. RE5, RUSE, HR, and the Sly Collection - seems the wand/sub should be more than adequate for those titles.

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