Gaming Girlfriend - 10 Tips to Trick Your Girlfriend into Playing Video Games

Dying for a frag with your soulmate by your side? These 10 tips will turn your girlfriend from noob to pwnstar in no time.

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Cevapi882899d ago

just find a girl who plays games


it cant be that hard just to ask "hej you wanna try it?"

you know when you contemplate for hours how to start a convo with the girl at the bar...

all you do is ask "how much does a polar bear weigh?"

we all know what the answer is and the rest is history

dark-hollow2899d ago

I don't see my girlfriend try to make love shopping so I won't bother
If she doesn't like video games its cool

UnwanteDreamz2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Why would you want a girl who games anyway? Mine does and she does all kinds of annoying things because of it.


-Taking my games and not putting them back.
-Begging me for time with the PS3 (finally bought her one so I dont have to share)
-Trying to buy games that will obviously suck because "it might be good, the TV show was". (she bought "Lost" the videogame)
-Complaining when I am playing because she is too busy to stop and play herself.

I think it is just better to have a hobby that is yours. You can't share everything, I mean who would want to.