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Halo Reach Review: Fall of Reach or Halo Franchise?

Irony, what is it? In general, irony is a method used to indirectly describe the reality or of a given situation by referencing another. Halo Reach re-accounts the events leading up to the fall of the human outpost planet Reach, and ironically, it may also be referring the fall of the Halo franchise.


We made a noob move. We didn't know about the embargo. We were contacted by Bungie asking us to remove the review until Sept 11th, 12am EDT. We will comply. The review will return at midnight Sept 11th, EDT. Thanks!

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chazjamie2965d ago

"great game is great".

redundant yo. the game is great.

NecrumSlavery2965d ago

Bungie is going out with a bang.

SilentNegotiator2965d ago

Good thing it's a 9+/10 review, otherwise the N4G mods might have removed it for being before the embargo.

T9X692966d ago

8 page review, Jesus. I didn't read all of it but so far its a good read. Can't wait to pick this up.

GamerVille2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Halo Reach is no small topic bro lol. We wanted the review to be as in depth as comfortably possible because there's so much that goes into the Halo experience or any game for that matter. We hate reading reviews that mostly regurgitate the games features which you've probably already heard about. The reviewer may throw in a morsel or two here and there but, in most cases, if it's a very popular website, they will most likely NOT get gritty about a lot of the really less than perfect details and nuances of the game they are reviewing.

We, on the other hand, aren't afraid to go there and step on any toes because we're not influenced or controlled by advertisers. It's time for some real reviews with real substance. Thanks for commenting.

Game Hard!

inveni02965d ago

So, you played a pirated copy, right? Because, if it were legit, then you would have known about the Embargo.

JohnApocalypse2966d ago

At least its a real review other then that one with a 6

mercsfan2965d ago

lol and the one with a 10

Babypuncher2966d ago

How is this review any more 'real' than the other one? It's still a no-name website looking for hits. Is it just because it gave the game a much better score? Or is it because the review is much more in-depth? It's still just one person's opinion compared to another's.

Believe me, i am not trying to bash Reach, I know it's going to be epic, and i really can't wait to play it. I just don't understand why we place so much emphasis on other people's opinions.

So what if some dude that lives in his parents basement and writes part-time for gives it a 6? So what if Game Informer gives it it's inevitable 9.5/10? Do better scores make the game a better experience? It would be a sad fact if they did.

My point is simply this: Play the game for yourself and form your own opinions. Who cares what someone else thinks about it.

KillerComboBreaker2966d ago

I hear ya but I disagree with you to an extent. Of course i don't have to live by the opinion of a reviewer. It's all about the quality of the review man. Most reviews i read from IGN or GameTrailers is all fluff crap. They recap the features over and over again... and there's just no meat in the damn review. When i'm done watching or reading the review feel like i haven't seen or read anything that will really tell me about the meat of the game.

I'm digging this review because the review actually dares to pick on a lot of sh*t instead of praising the developer with every other sentence. And the way the review was closed was pretty damn thought provoking a classy.

If the reviewer living with his mom in a basement or not, he/she did a damn good job with that review because i fee like I already played the campaign after reading the review lol!

Babypuncher2965d ago

I understand what you are saying, but I think you are missing my point. I am not saying that the review isn' t a good review, I'm saying that it's just a review and is nothing more than someone else's opinion.

Let's say, hypothetically, every website gave Reach a 6/10. Would that keep you from buying it? Let's say you buy it anyway and play through it and it's the best game you have ever played. Would you say "that game was awesome, too bad it sucks because it's metacritic is 6.2"?

BTW you sound like you work at

KillerComboBreaker2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

nah i don't work at gamerville, but i do work at footlocker so i you need some fresh Nikes i got the hook up. ha ha!

but you're right about reviewing scores. it's just crazy man because you don't know where to turn because errbody is sayin tha same thing. "ohhh this game is great blah blah blah... buy, buy buy it..." man i want to hear someone rip into a popular game. i remember when halo 3 came out with those half ass graphics. i was like what is this mess. strangely, no one was really coming down too hard on Bungie. i always thought it was cause they were afraid or something... anyway, got class tomorrow. good debate.

Sitdown2965d ago

but its hard to get pass the fact that the reviewer does not even know how to define irony. The key component of irony is that there is a contradiction or shows it really that hard to go to

Is Killzone 2 really the benchmark for fps game....or perhaps Crysis is 3rd person.

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hudsoniscool2966d ago

it goes into detail, unlike the review from the other day i could read in less then a minute.

kaveti66162966d ago

I think, just to be fair, this review shouldn't be approved because the embargo hasn't been lifted. I haven't read the review at all and won't decide whether it's credible or not. It's a long review so I don't want to spoil the game for myself by reading.

GamerVille2966d ago

Thanks for commenting Kaveti. However, the only embargo enforced is playing the Halo Reach game online which we personally did not do. We sat and watched a group of people play through the campaign and we joined in as well. The campaign was completed on all three difficulty levels. We tallied over 60 hours of game play to make sure we could be as experienced and credible as possible.

As fans of the Halo franchise we are eager to purchase the game on Sept 14th and enjoy it like the rest of the world. I hope you reconsider, if not, thanks for considering any how. :)

Game Hard!

D812966d ago

Hang on. You wrote a review based on WATCHING A GROUP OF PEOPLE play the campaign, just so you could beat the big boys to a review? Bless.

GamerVille2966d ago

We played as well. First we watched. Then we played. if you re-read my post you'll notice i stated ".... and we joined as well." And the review was not about beating the big boys. Actually, we never thought about being first of last. We just got it done since we had already experienced the game.

Hey... regardless if we post and in depth review before the "big boys", we're certain they'll get more hits than we will anyhow. And this is absolutely fine with us because we're just in it for the love of gaming bro!


Blaze9292965d ago

"Please note that all review coverage is embargoed untilSunday, Sept. 12 at 12:01 a.m. EDT. "

Gotta love that piracy

depot522966d ago

All the sites who obtain the game legally through Microsoft have to wait until the 11th.

kaveti66162965d ago

You gave Reach a 9.5 based on just the campaign and offline elements? I think that's also not fair because you never know, Halo Reach might have the same multiplayer issues as Gears of War 2 had.

I like the Halo series a lot, but I still think this review isn't complete and should be resumbitted with more info on the 14th.

dtrain212966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

NPD for September is gonna be crazy. I'm glad I have a 360 and a superior XBL.

Krugsy2966d ago

If you care that much about NPD figures you ain't a real gamer.

Sarcasm2966d ago

I didn't realize there was another XBL so that your XBL could be "superior" to it.

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