Assassins Creed Brotherhood PS3 Multiplayer Beta Keys Available NOW.


"Assassin’s Creed is perhaps one of the most innovative and expanding franchise to come out of Ubisoft’s studios in the last several years.

We are now approaching yet another iteration of the series, one that will be the first to introduce Multiplayer aspects to the franchise."

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gaminoz2899d ago

I wonder what the general public will think of the multi?

BadCircuit2899d ago

I think they'll like it from what I've seen in's a cool concept.

XboxOZ3602899d ago

Much better than the standard Multiplayer which is usually 'tacked on' to so many games these days. It's something that I'd be interested in actually, as it seems to have much more viability than the normal Multiplayer. Shame I don't have a PS3 - bugger. And the Beta Keys are FREE . .

NecrumSlavery2899d ago

hope inFAMOUS 2 has something of the sort as well.

BannedForNineYears2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Well, "From what you've seen in the vids" is purely pre-rendered.

Remember APBs multiplayer trailer? Lol....If only the game were actually like that. ~_~

Anyway, I sent mine.
I talked about how the success of the game doesn't depend on the quality as much as it does the name "Assassin's Creed".
The AC franchise has enough followers (including myself) who will simply buy the game for the story.

Arnon2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Good stuff. You can get one of these depending on the area from GameStop.

sixaxis2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

i just cant undertand why ps plus members dont get any beta keys for those soon to be released games. no lbp2 key, no brotherhood key etc, whats the deal? and im day one subscriber!

XboxOZ3602899d ago

I suppose it comes down to the publisher (not the developers, they just make the games under the direction of the publisher remember) and how their marketing guys want to work it.

They certainly have limited numbers of keys, as at times, we can only get 1 or 2 if that sometimes, if at all. The marketing deptartments run a different ship, and dictated by what the publisher can supply, and also as to have the developer wants to test its servers etc.

They may have a cap regarding the number of online users etc, the answer is never very simple or easy . . . they do their level best, as it is in their interest to get the game played and tested by you the gamer, but there are limits to what they can do.

Even after public betas, there will still be issues and glitches in any game, be it multiplayer or single player. It's simply the matter of testers compaired to millions going on line at the same time. So that too has to be considered with Beta Keys.

Eamon2899d ago

guess you've been ripped off, sixaxis. rofl

XboxOZ3602899d ago

It's more a simple giveaway than a comp per-se guys. Ubi simply gave us some PS3 keys, and we just want to pass them onto gamers . . . .

tdogg060519912899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Hope you like my response, and much appreciation for the PS3 support:)

XboxOZ3602899d ago

Like we've said time and time again. While OXCGN is a Xbox-Centric site, it is run by 'gamers' not fanboys, and we support 'gaming' as a whole. We simply chose the Xbox platform as our 'main' platform for our own reasons, not because we think it's the best thing in the world, which it certainly is not.

If you check through the site, you'll find lots of We Steal It For The 360 articles where we review great PS3 games as well as hanker after those games we'd love to see on all platforms.

Hey, we've even attended PS3 only events, and ben the ONLY Xbox site there, which says something - doesn't it?

tdogg060519912899d ago

Are people who love games, Hey I own a PS3 but there is a lot of me that would kill for Halo: Reach and Come back to life for Left 4 Dead 2

XboxOZ3602899d ago

And I don't own a PS3, yet, but I'm still buying GT 5 when it ships later this year, so that I have it when I do manage to get a PS3. As I'd also love to have Heavy Rain, and several other great titles only on the PS3.

But each person has their own financial limits, so not everyone can simply buy what they want when they want them, and having one platform might be all they can afford.

That does not make them a fanboy, or less of a gamer, it simply means they have choices, and get the best gaming experience THEY can that suits THEIR needs at the time.

Plus in answer to why some simply didn't just pre-order to get the Key . . well some simply sit on the fence until they know one way or the other IF they want to buy a game. As just perhaps they might not want to bugger a store around by pre-ordering, then canceling once they get the key. It's just not kosher for some to do such things, something to do with personal integrity - -well that's how I look at it.

You are after all what you say you are, and one must honour their word, and the commitments they make. Unfortunately, a few generations of late don't have much integrity and think only of themselves first and foremost. Which is a sad thing really. Doesn't say a great deal about those generations, now does it?

We only do what we can do, enjoy gaming for what it is supposed to be - fun!, no matter what your age.

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tdogg060519912899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I just don't get it. The biggest problem with Modern Warfare 2 were the insane bugs and glitches. These were so bad that a lot of people were repulsed from playing the game for a couple of weeks. A beta would not only solve those simple problems but also help find out what people want through large scale fan base play-testing.

Minimizing opening day frustration is a key to customer loyalty. Now that we have much more open forms of technology that cutting it out all together would have a probably effect to minimize sales in comparison to what the optimal sales could be.

ninpo142899d ago

Lol those ten guys are going to have fun

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