MMGN: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition Review

When you think of point and click graphic adventures, you think of LucasArts….and when you think of LucasArts, you think of Monkey Island….and when you think of Monkey Island, you think of the ghost pirate LeChuck….and when you think of the ghost pirate LeChuck…I think you get the drift. It’s the turn of the second Monkey Island game in the series to get a make-over, and if you enjoyed the first LucasArts re-make, then get set for some more pirating adventures in Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge.

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Stealth Disagreer2693d ago

When i think of point and click graphic adventures i think of ambien cuz it puts me right to sleep and when i think of Lucas Arts i think of Star Wars

ICC_062693d ago

Monkey Island's awesome! It's a shame point and click is a dying breed.

TheDarkGuyv3r2693d ago

These get the Steam sale treatment quite often.

Jeannius2693d ago

I'm glad they are revitalising some of the greatest games ever made :) Can't wait to check this one out! It's gonna bring back memories...

kk13872693d ago

these games are without a doubt some of the greatest in their genre!

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