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GameSpot writes: "It's easy to fall in love with Sony's EyePet. This weird amalgam of puppy, monkey, and kitten is an expert at furry cuteness and wide-eyed wonder, but sadly, the love doesn't stick around for long. While the game successfully uses the motion-sensing capabilities of the PlayStation Eye camera and the PlayStation Move controller to create an immersive experience, it's ultimately short-lived. The virtual pet, while creating a very good illusion of being real, shows no signs of growth and, perhaps most disappointingly, lacks individuality".

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T9X692900d ago

Good thing my GF don't care about review scores, she thought this game looked awesome. Then again she likes anything with animals, so she liked Kinectamials....which scares me :/

Cevapi882900d ago

man you better watch out for dont want him licking your girl anytime soon

ExplosionSauce2900d ago

I think 6.5 is a little low. Don't think you can rate it with the same standards as other games.

-Alpha2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Why do you assume that it was set to the same standard as other games?

Even if games all have one standard it shouldn't be fair to excuse this game because many games on handhelds have scored well, unless you think they were scored with different standards but EyePet wasn't for some reason.

The Bad

* Lack of instruction and feedback
* No evolution of virtual pet
* Poor online functionality
* Slow loading times.

These aren't negatives based on other standards, these are negatives that the reviewer felt were sustained by the game's own merits.

Game-ur2900d ago

Some Move games get mixed reviews from average to great because some reviewers do apply different standards and some rate it in the same scale as uncharted.

Personally I would rate EyePet and Star the Party 4 or 5 out of 10, but for children and casuals I would rate them 8 or 9 out 10.

ExplosionSauce2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Man, guess I just said it cause I play it a bit before and after seeing this score.
It's good for what it does, but I also don't expect it to have a really high score. So it's all good; don't really care much :P

I agree. That's kind of what I mean at first.

ABizzel12900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I don't understand why these scores are so low. I'm not expecting 10/10 for Eye Pet, but what more do the reviewers want. It's not a game geared for them, and it does what a virtual pet should do and more.

There have been little to no complaints about the Move controls, and there's DLC coming.

The thing that bothers me the most is that these are the same sites who marveled at Nintendogs. If it doesn't shoot guns, and blow up then it's not going to go over well.

Nintendog reviews

Gamespot 9.1
Game Pro 9.0
IGN 8.8
G4TV 4/5
Game Informer 8.0
1up B+

If anything this game should only be getting 8/10

Steve_Urkel2900d ago

So because Nintendo does something good, Sony should get a free pass when they do something similar? Sorry big guy, but it doesn't work that way.

Did I dooo that?

jneul2900d ago

@ at above no it's because eyepet has more features than nintendogs does and it's much better, so eyepet deserves a better score, heck even I gave it an 8/10 when it first came out, move controls will only add to that score!!

ndibu2900d ago

Just cause Nintendogs got high reviews does not mean eyepet deserves them too, if anything it proves that the reviewers can in fact judge these games based on fun and not personal taste. I find it funny how start the party and eyepet are supposed to get 9 out of 10 according to ps3 fanboys because they shouldn't be reviewed like other games
Boring game is boring. Period.

MiamiACR2900d ago

Nintendogs was a small HANDHELD game that did allot and did it well, EyePet is a console game with more than enough space to do so much more, and better. But it didn't and that is why it was scored so poorly, some of you fail to realize that. So before you compare the two note that each of them is on a completely different platform and the PS3 has the power to do much better, it's the developers fault on this, not the PS3 eyetoy.

ABizzel12900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

@ Urkel, ndibu, and Miami

Have any of you played or thoroughly seen EyePet besides the trailers?

The whole point of a Pet Sim is for people who want a real pet, but can't have one. If anything there should be more Mini games (but there's DLC and the game only cost $40 NOT $60), but other than that what else can you ask for.


What kind of point were you trying to make. EyePet is a complete evolution over Nintendogs. Nintendo made a portable pet, Sony make a Virtual Pet that allows users (mainly children) to interact with their pet in ways that they wish they could a real pet. Draw an airplane and your EyePet will fly on it, draw a car and it'll drive it, chase it, or do tricks with it. Eye Pet is an evolution on Nintendogs so Sony doesn't need a free pass, they need fair treatment.


So could you explain exactly what EyePet does to make it boring, and what Nintendogs does that makes it not?

Since I'm pretty sure you can't i'll tell you. In Nintendogs you use your stylus to do everything. You rub your stylus over your pet to at them, you throw toys with your stylus to play with them, and the mini games aka nintendogs competitions are simple point to where you need to go games.

Now let's see how EyePet differs. You can dress your EyePet, Wash it, feed it, play with it, teach it to sing, draw with it and have your drawings appear in the game, bowl with it, and compete in 60 challenges.

But I'm sure you knew all that. Do some research or better yet comment only on things you know, because you may run into someone who actually knows what they're talking about and make you look like the troll you are (you're a troll, because you're the only one who had something to say about fanboys). You came here to argue to fanboys sake aka a troll.

finally @ Miami

I can't really argue your point and thanks for being the only educated one who disagreed. But as I said to ndibu there is a lot of stuff to do in EyePet. You have the normal pet stuff like feeding, cleaning, and playing with your pet plus the 60 different challenges.

EyePet is also a graphical powerhouse. While it may not be on anyone's top 10 list, Eyepet is one of the best looking games on the PS3. The pet is extremely detailed, and the physics in the game are top notch. When you blow dry the pet it's fur blows like hair in the wind, it jumps and bounces around in life-like fashion and more importantly it's all interactive. People don't realize how much programming that takes. And once again it's $40 aka $5 more than your average new DS game.

I'm not saying EyePet should get 10/10, but it's deserving of 8/10 it does exactly what it's suppose to do, which is being a Virtual Fantasy Pet Sim. And with DLC coming it should offer more mini games, customization, and challenges for your Pet.

Look at IGN's review they so far are the only ones to understand.

Gamespot's review is BS.

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Stealth Disagreer2900d ago

Eyepet more like EYedontcare haha

Cevapi882900d ago

who's a good troll?? aaa you are, aaa you are....yes you are *rubs belly*

GaMe012900d ago

Starting to have second thoughts about move

jneul2900d ago

good or bad ones?? eyepet is brilliant and move adds to the game this review is a bit low score wise, i own it so I should know how good eyepet is
btw the best release game for move is sports champions right now, but better games like RUSE and SOCOM 4 are the real games to watch out for, so far I have not seen one bad review for RUSE, it really is changing the RTS genre for consoles and I heard from someone that move with RUSE >> Mouse

GusBricker2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Why was that monkey dressed like Sherlock Holmes?

Cevapi882900d ago

man you have no idea how hard i laughed when i read your comment....classic LOL

jneul2900d ago

at least it lets you dress up you pet for free, has lots of toys for free, if you want something extra kinectimals you will need to go buy a meal and then scan in a barcode, MS never learns and always has to $$ in on everything

GusBricker2900d ago

Nothing. Period.

So, why bring it up?


ndibu2900d ago

Let me bash kinect to make myself feel better. Boo I have to eat a meal to get accessories for my pet. Boo, my kid can have a real life doll which can be scanned on to the game

ElementX2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Wow, both Move and Kinect launch titles suck. The only games I want to play this year on Move are LBP2 and R.U.S.E. The other games have been getting really bad reviews. Sony should've waited to release Move until some bigger name titles are completed. Releasing a new controller with crappy games is a bad move. Sorcery and Heroes on the Move, probably the best sellers out out of the Move library, won't be released until next year. Socom 4 may do well, but even that is 2011. There are no good games for Move this year besides LBP2.

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