Gears of War 3 Collector's Editon - What It Needs writes, "In today’s gaming world, collector’s editions are a dime a dozen. While there may be quite a few titles that are rightfully deserving of a collector’s edition, you have companies jumping at the chance to get extra money out of the consumer. However, Gears of War 3 happens to be one of those titles that definitely deserve a collector’s edition when it hits store shelves.

As it stands currently, there hasn’t been any announcement or confirmation of a collector’s edition, but it wouldn’t make much since for the people over at Epic to not do so, considering they’ve had one for both iterations in the series."

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Active Reload2873d ago

It needs to be released yesterday.

stickskills2873d ago

I seriously doubt they would included all future DLC, but they'd probably include the first one. Sort of like they did the flashback map packs.

hennessey862873d ago

its wishful thinking, its just dlc is beginning to annoy me

stickskills2873d ago

Understand where you're coming from. I'd be down for early DLC access too!

The Meerkat2873d ago

A GOW3 branded set of 40kg dumbbells.
And a years supply of steroids.

So you can look like Fenix and Dom.

GuruStarr782873d ago

A Cliffy B. statue with some Epic hairgel.

TheMutator2873d ago

a real lancer , with ammo

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The story is too old to be commented.