Get Fit With Mel B Exclusively for the PS Move

Have you ever wondered to yourself “Hey, I want to workout and have a hot chick as my trainer?” If so, then I have the game for you. Coming exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 3 Move motion system, Get Fit with Mel B will have you sweating, huffing and puffing your way to a new leaner, meaner you.

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CrzyFooL2627d ago

Mel B is hawt. I'd take care of her eddie murphy baby.

Akagi2627d ago

Raise your standards, bro.

LeShin2627d ago

Damn, you've got some pretty high standards!

BYE2627d ago

Real men take care of their duty which nature has given to them.

Fuck standards! Standards are for chicks ;)

FernandoMartinez2627d ago

You're probably a owerveight nerd LOL

BYE2627d ago

Me? I'm actually a model for Calvin Klein (CeeKay, get it?).

But who cares, it's the internet ;P

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Blacktric2627d ago

I'd rather get fat with Rosie O'Donnell.

Chris3992627d ago Show
Blacktric2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

So getting fit with Mel B makes you a hot lesbian who tries every kind of scisorring in every way? Is that what you are trying to say? Well anyway. Kudos for you too then.

Sarcasm2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Can't wait! *GameArmada*

mrdxpr22627d ago

lol this made me laugh soo dumb wth

kasasensei2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I wanna move with MelB but not that way...

Apotheosize2627d ago

Id put my penis in her if you know what I mean

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The story is too old to be commented.