Koei reveals Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 with details

SystemLink writes: "In what some would call an extremely predictable stroke, Namco Bandai and Koei Tecmo have once again announced a partnership to roll out Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. The sequel to the crazy anime robot beat-em' up may not be a surprise to many, but the new look should turn some heads."

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NYC_Gamer2572d ago

why do they keep making these games?please stop with the torture already

Naughty Dog2572d ago

I think they make enough profit out of it every year and it's easy to milk, that's why.

killyourfm2571d ago

Yep. They probably don't need to build a new engine each time, adn their core fans will lap it up.

crematory2571d ago

i cant stand those type of games , now bring
some ninja gaiden

Azianphil882572d ago

I want Dynasty Warriors 7 or Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII for the PS3 exclusively

sjeen662571d ago

i`ll second that and add samurai warriors 3

Emmettcelticfan2571d ago

I wouldn't mind a properly done kessen or a new dynasty tactics