What the PlayStation Logo Could Have Been

Today the PlayStation brand turns 15 years old along with the brand’s iconic “PS” logo. However, that logo wasn’t the original concept for PlayStation. Would the PlayStation legacy be different if it used a different logo?

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Sev2746d ago

Some of those are fugly.

Trexman892746d ago

row two, on the end is kinda cool

Sev2746d ago

I like top row all the way to the right. The S inside the P.

BannedForNineYears2746d ago

[email protected] GROL doesn't exactly troll, but since he's notorious for his stealth trolling everyone thinks he's trolling no matter what he says. xDDDDDDDD

scofios2746d ago

Your opinion doesn't matter to me but thats -my opinion-

-Alpha2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

We have all gotten used to the logo we have now, and I'm sure if it was any other logo we'd just as much get used to that one too. 15 years leaves a long impression.

I like the S inside the P logo on the top right. I know it's just a logo, but I love looking at the classic PS logo. I like it in solid black, classic red/blue/yellow/aqua, neon, etc. It's such an iconic symbol.

T3mpr1x2746d ago

Yeah row two on the end is impressive, but there's no S.


The much I love my PS3 and PSP, I don't like PS logo... Never did... Nor do I like any of those... Maybe the 2nd row first (left) but that something like Konami's one.

This colorful thing always looked like too much for me. The actual logo looks ok in one solid color though, as in DualShock PS Button or in PSP. When I had a 60GB PSP I hated how the colorful logo would make itself so visible, but it look ok on my new Slim.

It's not a big deal, but I think Xbox logo looks way cooler... Nintendo don't have one fix logo for any console, and the campinies's logo red ''Nintendo'' inside a red bubble/contour also don't float my boat, but I used to love the Game Cube logo.

That said, I wouldn't change PS logo too... We all grow used to it.

writersblock2745d ago

I actually agree with bishop-br

the logo looks very cartoony. Suited the original PS perfectly, but looks somewhat out of place on the front of a piano black PS3 (or matte)
But still, its been the logo so long that it looks right now. Somewhat out of place on new PS3's, but still a well recognized symbol

I like it though, I'm glad this is the one they chose

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poopface12746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I love that sound. It always reminded me of the beach and seaguls. I wish I could make my PS3 play that sound, and maybe show that logo too.

I also used to sleep with my ps2 on for ocean sounds.

Edit-- also tha DUN-DUN noise when it showed the golden sony logo was kinda impressive.

T3mpr1x2746d ago

Ahahaha if you want that sound, open up this month's episode of Qore, and let the intro run. Or boot up a PS1 game. Either way, it was nice to hear that in Qore.

CaptainPunch2746d ago

Glad they stuck with the current logo

bjornbear2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I've learnt its very easy to under appreciate the work that goes into logo design.

its not easy. Actually, to make a good catchy logo is EXTREMELY HARD.

Love the logo they went with. Suits the P and the S but if im not mistaken it works with PS2 and PS3 standing/laying down format, and the colours seem associated with CD/disk reading, but I could be totally wrong on that one.

this is very cool stuff =) site is a BIT too filled with internet-raping advertisement though. what ever happened to images?

now everything has to be a damn flash advert which takes away net speed pointlessly (if you have 20+ pages open with 10 of them having flash adverts running you notice ='( )

ico922745d ago

its a unique logo, when i was a kid i thought it was just a weird symbol, the only problem i have with it is the random colour scheme, you would think they would have used the same colours as the face buttons

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NJShadow2746d ago

Wow, good thing they went with the one they have now, although there are a few in that list that actually looked pretty good.

JobForARockStar2746d ago

But there's like 4 or 5 of them that I really like. They have like a sweet old school look. But I still dig the original logo the most.

TANUKI2746d ago

Me and a few classmates had to design/choose a logo for a marketing project once. It's actually pretty difficult making a logo that not only stands outs, but conveys the "essence" of your product/service. We only managed to create about 5 "prototypes".

If Sony made at least 10, you can bet a lot of time and effort was needed.

JonnyBigBoss2746d ago

Man, the real one blows away the rest.

Quagmire2746d ago

you wouldve said that about any logo Sony decided to choose

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