Business Insider:- Xbox Co-creator: Here's Why Microsoft Shouldn't Spin Out Xbox

That was then. Today, Xbox has earned its own spot in the world of gaming. It doesn't need Microsoft to gain consumer trust.

But, in a slightly ironic twist, Microsoft needs Xbox more than ever before.

Windows Phone 7 will be a great vehicle to expand the reach of Xbox. With Apple and Google attacking the living room, Xbox is already in many homes offering the ability to stream TV and Netflix.

Down the road, Kinect looks like promising futuristic technology that could be tied into a number of Microsoft products.

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iMad2809d ago

when MS will be overall profitable on xbox since 2001? i remember 4 billion losses from 1st xbox..did they covered this?

Cevapi882809d ago

most companies usually operate under a loss when they introduce a new product...a lot of the money that needs to be recuperated is the R&D...a lot of money gets spent on prototypes, what works and what doesnt....all of it needs to be tested...the fact that it was going up against the giants of the gaming industry in sony and nintendo, most were skeptical on the xbox...but exclusives like halo and splinter cell made it a MS is a huge corporation...their reach is all over the world...they have had an impact on almost all of us...the pc's we use and the work we do at our jobs...if you have a corporate job, then you have in one way or another worked with MS office...and i think the 360 has offset those losses...if that didnt do it, then the revenue they gain from live each year has

frostbite062809d ago

I don't think they've offset all of the losses, but they have been moving in the right direction for a while now. God only knows where those xbox live fees go.

Cevapi882809d ago

very the faulty hardware that cost them around $1 billion didnt help...but with the redesign of the 360, things can only get better

Droid Control2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I think M$ are handling that side of things just right.

What they should concentrate on is making the box blu-ray compatible - for movies at least. Continue to improve build quality, and focus on in-house first party software.

Bigpappy2808d ago

If anything it would sell fewer that the arcade. It is seen as an un-necessary expense since we already have Zune video and Netflex. Most games still fit on DVD and HDD installs solve the few that need more space. The things the slim addressed seem to be what most people needed for the 360.