Bungie Presents "This Is Halo" Featuring HipHopGamer

Halo: Reach is coming and Bungie Games with HipHopGamer has a special surprise for the fans. This Is Halo is the new song that Bungie and Microsoft will use for Viral Marketing for the game but also this coming Sunday.

Enjoy The Customized Trailer And The Song - Entitled "This Is Halo" performed by the HipHopGamer.

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Raoh2570d ago

I like it..

video quality of the video was crap but all in all it was well done..

Blaze9292570d ago

...for some reason I'm having troubles believing that.

But anyway, as far as the song goes - I'm not gonna lie, it was actually pretty nice.

GreenRingOfLife2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Bungie and HHG are awesome and so is Halo

to the haters- you are just jealous that the top name game studios don't come to you for awesome stuff like this

T9X692570d ago

He did one for Mafia 2 as well, I was actually surprised that I like it. Not to bad at all HHG, kudos to you.

3XP2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I am not going to front, HHG KILLED that, the sh!t was hot.

And the way he changed it up in the end, was just sick. I don't like his gaming news sometimes, but that track was off the chain.

@HHG - man you are missing your calling, you should put up your controller for a bit and pick up your mic for often. That sh!t was FIRE.

NewZealander2570d ago

wow now thats lame, some second rate rapper wannabe singing about halo, lol.

tigerstyle2570d ago Show
3XP2569d ago

You don't need to understand, you don't have a 360, thus understanding halo is pointless for a troll like yourself.

FACTUAL evidence2570d ago

And the HHG hate starts in 5...4...

vickers5002570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Dear HipHopGamer,

Thank you for not lying/misleading in your title, I know it must have been hard for you to do. Keep it up (not lying or misleading) and I shall actually visit your site.

pixelsword2570d ago

Hey, if it's Halo, chances are that I'm going to like it.

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lokiroo4202570d ago

What a sell out, hahahahahahahaha, gangsta!

Bigpappy2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I know you got paid well for that great work. This just up your respect creed massively. If M$ decides to run this as a TV add, your well on your way from notorious to famous. Not bad for and EX-PS3fanboy. Shyt just got real!

I enjoyed the trailer, and wish you all the best. PS3fanboy or not.

GaMe012570d ago

I didnt know who this guy HHG was till I joined this site. Why the hell does he have a wwe belt?

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The story is too old to be commented.