SCEA: 12- to 14-year-olds are the new target audience for PSP

While Sony's PlayStation Portable has traditionally been positioned as a handheld for older gamers, the company is now targeting younger consumers to broaden the system's audience.

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TrevorPhillips2869d ago

Really, you do reliase they can access the internet through the PSP and go to unappropriate websites like; Porn, etc.

Beahmscream2869d ago

The only reason I have a psp is for porn. <3

StankyChicken2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

You realize they can do the same thing on a computer?

TrevorPhillips2869d ago

I know, but what im trying to say is that PSP should not be for little kids.

-Alpha2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

14 year olds aren't little kids nor are they as ignorant as sexuality as you may think. Bet you some of them have gotten more action in their lifetime than 40 year old World of Warcraft players have in theirs.

RememberThe3572869d ago

The sad thing is that is true in some cases. We've got young ass kids having sex at eleven years old. But that in no way means they know anything about sexuality or themselves for that matter.

N4BmpS2868d ago

Hand-held Consoles were built with the young teenagers (now it's mostly gaming on the go)in mind, not all 12-14 year olds are going to get it and immediately search for porn. At least I didn't and I know quite a few kids whom (who) don't either.

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menoyou2869d ago

With that Marcus PSP campaign, I could have sworn their target audience was retards.

Shoko2869d ago

The PSP's always been for everyone IMO

Blaze9292869d ago

as long as they don't shift the same focus toward the games that touch the PSP, I don't really care. Still got God of War coming then....hmm...God of War...what else IS coming out on PSP?

Anyone know what's up with that Resident Evil game they announced last year at E3? I hope Capcom doesnt make that the same situation as Devil May Cry PSP.

Greek God2868d ago

it will probaply come for the 3ds instead for the psp
but i dont care 2011 is Dissidia Duodecim coming =D

gauntletpython2869d ago

Really? What kid is gonna be able to shell out $250 for a Go and then buy M-rated games like GOW? It seems Sony doesn't know who their audience is.

Motorola2869d ago

Well you do realize this is why there are only TWO god of wars on PSP then

joypads2869d ago

the same can be said about xbox 360 with 12 to 15 year old kids dominating Xbox Live playing games like halo &'s only that Sony spoke about the age of their psp's target audience that you are now talking about Price & M ratings for kids. smart pants.

kneon2869d ago

They somehow manage to spend $200-$400 for an ipod touch so why not.

Darkfocus2869d ago

they don't

the parents do...

RememberThe3572869d ago

They end up with it. Thats the point.

blind-reaper2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

the psp 3000 core pack cost $170 and I expect a price cut before christmas

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theafroman2869d ago

WTF so gow gos rated m hows kid gonna get it

RememberThe3572869d ago

Sony isn't going to come and take your PSP if you don't fit into that age bracket. They are talking about they're advertising not who can play on their platform. If you want to play God of War on PSP go for it, no one is stopping you.

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