The Digital Distribution Revolution: An outlook on PC game sales

MMGN: Have you noticed how PC games have disappeared off store shelves? Specialty gaming stores have a tiny PC section when compared to extensive handheld and console aisles. The limited selection of PC games is also disappointing, with only budget titles and dated releases available.

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CatGlue2815d ago

Digital distribution is the future, retail stores should be very very worried.

Jeannius2815d ago

It's a surprise people still buy from them considering how they charge so much!

Cevapi882814d ago

as long as there are consoles, physical media wont be going anywhere...especially with the broadband structure in the US not being up to par with countries like Japan

Gaetano2815d ago

Very good read. Retail stores are dying slowly, which is sad, but it's the way of the future! I can't remember the last time I bought a PC game in a store. Or even rented from a store. Everything is over the internet! The end is nigh.

Letros2815d ago

Once you go DD, you don't go back. lol discs, double click 4tw.

Wrecker2815d ago

I know it's inevitable, but I still like retail. :)

Pilkingbod2814d ago

I remember when Steam was the most hated program ever.
It has really set the standard for game purchasing though.

Jeannius2814d ago

Glad it's come a long way since 2002. :) life wouldn't be the same without it! lol

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