Why is it 'OK' to freely discuss jailbreaking on iPhone and not a PS3?

"One quick search for iPhone Jailbreak and the 'net seems to be full of mainstream and tech publications announcing every little detail about every little hack for the iPhone"

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Blaze9292753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

why does maxconsole keep reporting about the PS3 jailbreak?

Joule2753d ago

because they got nothing else to post about. its a lame site

ExplosionSauce2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I wasn't aware we weren't already discussing this for a while...

young juice2753d ago

i think the submitter is worse then maxconsoles when it come to contributing psjailbreak articles.

JhawkFootball062753d ago

Because to get a free app on the iphone is relatively easy. Plus Apps only cost .99 to 4.99 in cost to buy where as pirating ps3 games at $60 a game is a bit more extreme

commodore642753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Recently, some ps3 fan made death threats simply because a game was published on a rival console, in Japan.

Discussing ps3 jailbreaking is playing with fire.
Some people are simply unstable.
PS3 jailbreaking seems to be provoking an unstable response in the ps3 community.

There's the answer.

ShinMaster2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

What about the guy that killed his parents cause they took away his Xbox. Wonder what happens when I google Xbox related death/murder articles.
Wouldn't that prove how unstable you guys are as well??

Please, that was a horrible and vague attempt to try and take hits at PS3 gamers. Why would you even bring something like that up? You don't use reason or common sense. This is a PS3 only article. What are you doing here? Oh that's right, trolling.

pimpmaster2752d ago

well i guess cause jailbreaking the iphone is something that SHOULD be done just to put it on par with all similar smartphones. where as jailbreaking ps3 only for piracy. that and theres a bunch of ps3 fanboys that throw a b1tch fit everytime the ps jailbreak is mentioned.

morganfell2752d ago

One reason it is okay is the fact that certain aspects of jailbreaking on the Iphone are actually legal if you are only applying software that you actually own. However there is no manner in which you can jailbreak the PS3 that is legal. Video game consoles were not included in the recent exception to the DMCA.

Maxconsole is run by a group of 14 year old idiots with a jackass for editor in chief. If they would simply read the law then they would know this. But it is apparent these imbeciles know less than nothing. These uneducated boors would likely burst into flames if they actually attempted to educate themselves.

inveni02752d ago

It's okay because a jailbroken iPhone is not broken mainly for pirate purposes. PS3 is.

There. Simple.

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JsonHenry2753d ago

Don't know where this guy has been, but N4G has been nothing but PS3 jailbreak this/that since it was first reported..

Bell Boy2753d ago

agreed to the point of extreme boredom

Can the criminals who call this news please go and play their sorry tune in another website and allows us to read news about GAMES and not how to be a thief

dillydadally2752d ago

Agree! Can we please stop approving these articles?

Elimin82753d ago

iPhone is available to a few via one company/network, while the PS3 is available to all "who can or cannot afford it:.

My 2Cents.....

dillydadally2752d ago

I think this one is obvious personally - jailbreaking Apple's Draconian iPhone is good for the industry as a whole (bad for Apple) - it allows more open development, improvement of the iPhone's features in ways we've begged Apple for, and more people being able to use the iPhone on different networks. It's led to increase spending in the industry as tons of apps in Cydia get sold daily. Jailbreaking the PS3 is bad for the industry as a whole - the drive is mostly about pirating people's hard work. It leads to illegal actions that hurt game developers.

That's my 2Cents......

jerethdagryphon2753d ago


cause the changes to the dmca do not allow it on consoles, the for fixing security concerns this refers to phd students and reaserchers

ie no the lamos who want to get away with ripping of devs

MysticStrummer2752d ago

Wow. jerethdagryphon posted the absolute truth and got a disagree for his trouble. What a world. It's not a crime to jailbreak any cell phone, in the US anyway... not sure about everywhere else. I guess it doesn't matter since we all know the US = The World.

lokiroo4202753d ago

How many back up applications are there for the iphone that allow $60 games to be stolen?

JokesOnYou2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

you know its funny, I remember when it was common place to see reports of 360 hacks and new games available on torrent sites, I always thought it was a bit innapropriate but 360 folks for the most part just took it all in stride, and typically 360 software sells overall still performed fairly well so whatever. Now with news of ps3 jailbreak hacks, etc its as if these reports are personally insulting their mother, its always been this double standard with the ps3 community.....but once again like I've said all this gen, "karma is a beeatch" & all their negativity towards 360, keeps coming back to bite them in the azz, hopefully when its all said and done ps3 devs continue to see a healthy profit margin over the life of the ps3, but for those who took pleasure in the 360 piracy issues, I cant help but laugh as I watch the defence force activate.


MysticStrummer2752d ago

The answer to the question is : It's not illegal to jailbreak an iPhone, and the relevant karma on N4G is payback for all the PS3 bashing that went on here a few years back.

corneliuscrust2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

What is this a 7th grade schoolyard fight?

"The internets insulted something we like!!!!!"

NOTHING is sacred on the internet. People can and will bash anything and everything.

People need to grow up and sprout some pubes.

JokesOnYou2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Actually there's always been plenty of bashing going on both ways, nobody's innocent but make no mistake the whole year before the ps3 launched all anyone who didn't worship the ps logo ever heard was how much better the ps3 will do at launch in every piece of 360 news. So when ps3 had a subpar launch once again all sony's arrogance and huge promises fell flat and thats exactly why sony was bashed. I mean seriously Ken really had loyal ps3 fans believing the ps3 would launch with "4D games", lmfao trust me there was no point in arguing with ps3 extremists over the "mythical super computer" that was going to save the world aka the ps3. lol its all history now but I again just stop with the "we were picked on first" attitude as if ps3 folks were ever some dignified gamers who have finally had enough of the world taunting them and suddenly now have decided to fight doesn't suit you and we all know its BS. lol

So the real answer to the question is that ps3 faithful have a built in double standard when it comes to the ps3, for years now we've talked about 360, iphone hacks and piracy, I've seen countless ps3 fans promoting it out of jealousy whenever the next big 360 title was about to hit, info for torrent sites put on n4g, links etc, to be fair not all ps3 fans supported piracy but I never heard this level of outcry until now, but its all good once again the ps3 double standard can be seen over and over again in the reactions to negative ps3 news.


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Myst2753d ago


Now we are discussing whether it was okay to discuss jailbreaking? Come on now...Also a quick search of PS3 Jailbreak actually yields results as well. It's fairly new so WHY would it be blown up like iPhone's jailbreak which has been out for how long now? Common sense would state that a quick search for iPhone jailbreak is bigger for the main reason that it's been around longer.

Now why isn't it okay for PS3 jailbreak to be talked about a lot? Frankly because there is almost nothing to talk about. People started to get it going and Sony has been blocking it left and right. What is there to really talk about?

ndibu2753d ago

So far none of you have really answered it. You're all just avoiding

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UP2753d ago

and you are just bringing up then defending the Jailbreak in every sony article.

UP2753d ago

my comment was for ndibu

MysticStrummer2752d ago

It's been answered several times. Jailbreaking any cell phone is not illegal. Reading comprehension. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

peyote2753d ago

Well, because *obviously, I would think* jailbreaking on PS3 is more associated with games piracy. Whereas, jail-breaking on the iphone is more about using additional apps on the iphone and experimenting with running aps apple doesn't usually allow. There's no piracy involved in terms of actually ripping people off or stealing something that you haven't paid for.

Prototype2753d ago

Damn you beat me to it :/ oh well

Also it took a valid argument from the modders to get cracking phones legal, so far no one has a real valid argument why a cracked console would benefit that has no real value outside playing downloaded games

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kws10652753d ago

I know iPhone JailBreak is not for a free phone call.

archemides5182753d ago

but you can pirate all the apps, and specifically games...but they are (virtually) all terrible and not even worth the time to play, much less pay for

pustulio2753d ago

I Jailbreaked mine so i can customize it the way i want i don't even use apps i got filled with Music, Videos and and the only app i have is Messenger.

YOU did it to get free apps.

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