Top 10 Games Designed to Make You Look Ridiculous

Whether it's stomping on a plastic mat to play Dance Dance Revolution or talking out loud to a virtual pooch in Nintendogs -- some games seem designed to make players look ridiculous. GameDaily counts 'em down.

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MK_Red4057d ago

There is no need for a list. WiiFit alone can make a full list of things that will make player look ridiculous. Like doing pushs in from of TV and thinking its some kind of fun!

Chobits4057d ago

=o whats wrong with ddr its not Ridiculous

Rooftrellen4056d ago

It's not, but you look rather strange trying to play it.

The idea isn't that the games on there are bad (some are, sure), but that you look stupid playing them.

They should have had a classic on there, though...Duck Hunt! Nothing like seeing someone miss ducks or ruin their eyes as they stand right next to the TV to hit them.

MK_Red4056d ago

Remember all those funny videos from early days of Wii's release? Almost everyone laughed at gamers using Wiimote... Maybe they should have added Wii Sports and Wii itself.