COD4 Beta not being released today

If you were following this story earlier today you would have seen that listed that Call of Duty 4 Beta would be released on xbox live today. But the beta has been pulled off the list of releases today, but lets just hope it will be on the list tomorrow.

Below is the link to the list of releases, notice that Call of Duty 4 Beta is not there anymore.

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MoonDust4056d ago

I don't see how this is news.

Jdash244056d ago

actually earlier today they had it listed that it was going to be released later today, so this is news to gamers that want to try and get into the beta

MoonDust4056d ago

But you need tokens to download it. Wich they still haven't given away.

deadpreacher4056d ago

I knew the Beta wasn't going to be put up, but i did think the Triva thing might happen.

akaSilent4056d ago

Well it was just posted on because it passed the certification process. IW employees are testing the beta now. I look for the timer to begin on Monday and sign-ups for the tokens on Thursday with the release of the beta on Friday, but thats just my prediction.