Killzone Interview- Dirk Boer, Technical Artist

"What areas within your role are you most focused on at present?

Currently, I'm working on Killzone 2, optimising the workflow and pipeline for the Enviroment Artists. Because the creation of the highly detailed enviroments takes a lot of work, we try to make tools so the artists can focus on the creative process, instead of technical difficulties."

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Bathyj4052d ago

Why do they always spend these interviews asking about Liberation? Unless they're gonna make it a PSN title (theres a good idea) I dont care about liberation as I have no PSP. Get more info on KZ2 please instead of liberation. Still, I'd love to download it on PSN.

TheMART4052d ago

Thats because KZ1 was so mediocre, scoring between 6 and 7. They want to draw the attention away from that to the reasonably good experience from KZ on the PSP.

Otherwise its harder to push KZ2 marketingwise seen. That's all it is dude.

jakehansen4114052d ago

Agree w/ the first commenter, of why they even bother with the KZ Liberation interview stuff. Perhaps they think that by doing that, sales of Liberation would get a boost. But honestly, sales of that would get more of a boost if they share more on KZ 2, as to get people more curious about past KZ titles. These "interviews" waste everybody's time!!! Guerilla, please make us all happy & tell us if you've improved the KZ 2 graphics & game play any further. :)

beavis4play4052d ago

what do you mean improve the grapics in KZ2? the graphics right now are better than any game ever made. if they want to make some people happy, they should help bungie improve halo 3 last gen look.

fopums4052d ago

yeah I agree, the graphics being improved is hardly my concern, we should see some more videos now plz