The Top 10 Video Game Movies We'd Love to See

The top 10 video games that need to be made into movies. Get on it Hollywood!

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I2567d ago

add Resistance Fall of Man. if they would follow it from the actual game plot, it would be a great flick. as bad as it sounds vin diesel, or the rock would be perfect leads for that role.

an actual resident evil film based on the actual game plot from the first few instead of the dumb ass route they chose would be a nice addition as well.

NYC_Gamer2567d ago

i dont wanna see anymore game based movies..

iamnsuperman2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

none.....movies based on video games tend to be poor and so I do not want to see these franchises ruined

RedDead2567d ago

Nice to see some KOTOR love, that is the best thing to ever come out of star wars in my opinion. Brillant twist(although I forsaw it) in it.