Gaming Union: God of War Ghost of Sparta Demo Impressions

Gaming Union: "It's raining, heck, it's pouring cats and dogs. The screams of Spartans ring out as the deck is boarded by a hoard of trident wielding creatures. There's a ton of them and they don't hesitate to surround the poor ash-covered soul before them. Flashes of blue scream across the screen only to be overwhelmed by a burst of burning red and their cries of agony drowned out by a roar of violent anger. It's now raining blood.

That, my friends, is just a day in the life of the Ghost of Sparta."

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mephman2868d ago

I can't wait for this!

Hardedge2868d ago

I was most impressed by the blood effects!

Sanrin2868d ago

Violence is always impressive

2867d ago