New Scene It? screenshot reveals the interface

Looking back, E3 seems like months and months ago, as the information that came has slowly been forgotten. As a reminder, Microsoft sent out one screenshot their upcoming family-friendly game "Scene It?" to showcase what it will look like when it ships this holiday season.

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The Panther4015d ago

I like the idea of this game and think it will be good, everyone seems to be hateing on it, as long as it has downloadable trivia it will be awesome.

Jdoki4015d ago

I agree Panther.

Buzz on Playstation has shown there's a big market for this type of party game. No shock that MS have followed suit. I'm looking forward to playing this over a few beers with some buddies.

Would be even greater if teams of 4 vs 4 vs 4 vs 4 could multiplay over Live!!! Or maybe 1 person vs teams of 4 for the serious quiz master!!!