August 2010 NPD sales data

The August 2010 NPD data report has been released which covers the hardware/software sales for the month.

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GreenRingOfLife2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

360 – 356,700
DS -342,700
Wii – 244,300
PS3 -226,000
PSP – 79,400

Xbox 360 dominated, then Nintendo consoles got second place, and finally playstation consoles in last

Amazing that Xbox 360 outsold even the DS.... can anything stop Xbox?

Natsu X FairyTail2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Yeah that was a big Month for Xbox. I expect September to December to be The same with Halo Reach coming out soon with Fable 3.

Now if only They could bring something HOT to the table next week @ TGS after a Cold E3.

Cross fingers for Lost odyssey 2.

edit @ disagrees. Im sorry but it is the truth. I could've said otherwise if Halo Reach and Fable 3 wasnt coming out in a few weeks. I mean Even you guys know those 2 games are Great System sellers. I'm just keeping it real with you guys. Im not even trolling. I'm not even calling you guys lames.

Unicron2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I don't see why you're getting disagrees, your post wasn't even slightly fanboyish.

Reach will be big.
MS's E3 blew chunks and they need to step their game up and stop relying on Halo.

And the holidays will be great for everyone (GT5, Halo, Vanquish!! Woo!) But I forgot, love of games is TEH DEBIL on this site.

zeeshan2899d ago

Fable? System seller? No, I doubt that. Anything Halo, anything Reach will sell buttload of systems though.

M$ has locked down America just the way Sony has locked down Japan/EU territory this gen.

dantesparda2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

These are impressive numbers for the 360 with Halo Reach right around the corner? Seems to me like the Halo numbers are starting to go down. But whatever, fanboys are pathetic and will exaggerate anything. And i agree, Fable a system seller, really?

SuperTiger2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Dude, the PS3 is the only console who showed growth comparted to last month.

GusBricker2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

...that will make me a very happy man, but if it doesn't...

*shakes fist*

And Bioware make KOTOR III, damnit!

Homicide2899d ago

" Dude, the PS3 is the only console who showed growth comparted to last month."

Nice spin, but it's still getting its ass kicked by 360.

Brklynty12899d ago

....only in america though funny how the boys come out for NPD but are MIA for MEDIA...

DasBunker2899d ago

in after people tried to justify their buy with sales..

games>sales enjoy your exclusives (if you have any)

KingME2899d ago

Kinda like your boys are MIA right

FlipMode2899d ago

I'm surprised at the small gap in the software sales between PS3 and 360.

Good #s for 360 too.

jetlian2899d ago

at that fable comment fable 2 sold near 4 million and fable 1 was over 3 million too

Bricks2899d ago

PS3 locked down Eurpean market? Not quite. The PS3 has sold 16.9 million and the 360 has sold 16.8 million. I wouldn't call 100,000 gap a "lockdown" of a market.

mrcash2899d ago

I'm sure they have something lined up for next year considering halo fable are out this year and gears is out in april. At least I hope they have some games in the works for release next holiday season.

aviator1892899d ago

Any sensible person would say that neither the ps3 nor the 360 has locked down the EU territory. The ps3 in that region is a mere 100k ahead of the 360. I wouldn't give the eu region to the ps3 due to that difference.

Genesis52899d ago

The only thing I don't understand is the 360 has a massive hardware sales advantage. Yet barely outsells the competition which has half the install base in total software sales.

Are people buying 360's and putting them in their closets?

commodore642899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Not only is it doing extremely well in NA, but also in Europe.

According to VGchartz, which estimates sales reasonably well, the 360 has also been leading the ps3 in Europe since the release of the 360slim.

Since the release of the 360s, all available evidence points to the 360 widening the worldwide sales gap again.
That's a no brainer.
Does it matter?
Well it shouldn't, but we all know it does, on n4g.

I would say that with Halo reach around the corner, MS looks set to have a record year, both in console sales and also in overall revenue. Last financial year, MS posted a 600% increase in profitability in its gaming division, the EADD. Will they match or improve it this FY?
And then there's also Kinect to consider, but I'll reserve judgement until it releases and starts posting sales numbers.

So yeah, overall very impressive.
Good one, MS

likedamaster2899d ago

I never saw one game take all four top spots in Amazon before. Wow.

FlipMode2899d ago

"According to VGchartz"

Well there's your first mistake.

SilentNegotiator2899d ago

Bungie account #56549456 and Omega got Well saids? N4G Fail.

dredgewalker2899d ago

I actually find no wrong in Natsu's statement, it the extreme fanboys that takes these things too seriously. It is true that the 360's sales spike is due to new games coming out, it happens with every system. Lets all be mature about these things.

cmrbe2899d ago

as expected. x360 fans floods NDP sales and when PS3 wins again they are nowhere to be seen. Heck Media creates or GFK is a ghost town for them.

We should have more NPD sales articles on N4G to attract more x360 fans back to N4G. It was getting boring not having anyone to argue with.

Anon19742899d ago

It'll be interesting to see 360 numbers on the 360s when it's back to the normal price. Currently there is still plenty of stock out there on the old 360 consoles which are being blown out at quite a hefty discount. It's a no-brainer that in the 360's US stronghold that the continued price cut would equal increased sales over last year. Last time the 360 cut it's price this much they had increased sales for almost six months before sales slumped again.

You have to think that's a concern for Microsoft. The 360 has always had spotty growth like the last time they cut the price of the 360, had 6 months of year over year growth and then slumped into a full 4 quarters of year over year declines while their competition didn't.

Once the old 360's are gone and the 360 is the same price as the PS3 will the 360 continue this growth spurt or fizzle out again? And what's the situation worldwide? The 360 almost always rules the US charts but worldwide figures has had the 360 at third place head 2 head since it actually had competition. And even though faked VGchartz data seems to indicate a bit of a 360 surge in Europe - they've been so wrong in the past, over shooting 360 numbers by 30% in the first six months of this year alone, underestimating PS3 numbers by over 2 million.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what the true story is next month when each company released their official sales figures for the quarter ending Sept 30.

2899d ago
tigerstyle2899d ago

360 gonna sell with their ONLY and LAST HALO exclusive LEFT. MUAHAHAH.

"but, but, but we HAZ HALO derp derp"

ps3 ftw :3

Alvadr2899d ago

I doubt Reach will be a big system seller... Only because everyone who was going to buy a 360 for Halo already did do with Halo 3 and ODST. One thing for sure is it will sell a boat load of copies

2899d ago
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raztad2899d ago

Lets get the party started. NPD is here!

Very nice sales for the xbox btw. Halo is pushing some consoles out of the door.

chase1672899d ago

does my copy count lololololololol

APOFISBORICUA2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

show how much trolls are in this site. They always left their cave when its sales and numbers time. LOL!!

Anyways is very good for the industry and for MS. The new Slim model seems to be a very hot Item, and with the new $60 price tag for XBOX LIVE and all the sheeps willing to pay for it, that only means money for them.


Lifendz2899d ago

Kudos to MS. Halo is a monster franchise as evidenced by those numbers. Heck, they even got my money for a 360. Any idea what the next exclusive IP will be to garner these sorts of sales?

lowcarb2899d ago

"Any idea what the next exclusive IP will be to garner these sorts of sales?"

Good question but I'm willing to bet Epic will go all out for the crown and take Reach head on.

OT: 360 is really getting the job done these past few months. It's going to be a huge holiday but my only wish is that MS answers the cry of there core audience and brings some games.

Myze2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


For the 360 or in general?

In terms of software sales, Black Ops will probably sell a ton, even more than Reach over all systems, but the CoD games are not big system sellers, especially since they are multi-platform (I know the fact it's Activision and after MW2, I don't give a damn about it personally).

The only other game for any system coming out anytime soon that can compare to Halo in terms of hardware sales is GT5. It will improve the ps3 NPD numbers, but NPD is not where to look for a GT game (European sales for that one).

Anyway, who cares about sales? Great next few months (including this one) for all systems coming up (Halo Reach, Fable 3, LBP2, GT5, Castlevania, etc.).

jaytv-pyro2899d ago ShowReplies(5)
Light Yagami2899d ago

I remember last year when the PS3 fans said the PS3 slim spelled the end for the 360. Here we are one year later, and 360 is still outselling PS3.

Silly gameAr2899d ago

You're acting like the 360 sold a mill and the PS3 didn't move over 200,000. Not to shabby if you ask me. :)

97gsx2899d ago

1. Madden NFL 11 (360) - 920,800
2. Madden NFL 11 (PS3) – 893,600

I would say software sales prove that the lead the 360 had is pretty much finished. Even if the 360 is selling more systems it doesnt seem to be new buyers since software sales are stagnating.

Dlacy13g2899d ago

Certainly the gap has narrowed on larger titles, but don't forget Sony was smart on Madden and made a pack in bundle deal with EA on Madden. I suspect a nice chunk (100k 'ish) was due to that Madden pack in on the PS3 system.

number472899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

PS3 has higher attach ratio with less consoles in the market.

And games to play on the new console.

"sweet one for the bathroom!"
"one for my lil bro!!!"

but congrats 360 section, you finally have some non-halo news.

otherZinc2899d ago

People dont buy Madden like they used to.
Madden on 360 sold more 3 or 4 years ago on 360 when they had far less consoles.

I used to buy Madden every year & haven't purchased Madden in 3 years.

ndibu2899d ago

And only 1 other ps3 game? And I thought the reason ps3 games didn't sell as much was because of "variety." Well it don't look that way to me, seems like only 2 games sold well vs 4 and the xbox versions still came up tops...
Here Come The Death Threats

Projekt7tuning2899d ago

@ 97gsx DSM'er lol:)

Considering all the frat boys are back in school now, and they just got their tuition checks back. I'd say that sounds about right for amount of Madden sales for both system here in the US.

BTW 97gsx are you going to use your check to go to a 6 bolt. hehe.
It DSM humor move along.

97gsx2899d ago

I actually have a 2.4 6 bolt with a fp red

alb18992899d ago

emmmm you want software sells then wait until will be like 20 millions gap!

Death2899d ago

The only thing this means is the same amount of Xbox 360 and PS3 owners bought the game this month. The Xbox 360 has twice as many games on the top 10 chart then the PS3 has. Does this mean they sold twice the amount of units? Of course not. The data shows that 27,200 more people bought Madden for the Xbox 360. Nothing more, nothing less.

If it's any consolation, I own 2 Xbox 360's and didn't buy any copies of Madden. Neither did my brother and he usually pre-orders every year. I also didn't buy it for my PS3 or Wii. Maybe the sheep don't like paying $60 for yearly roster updates.


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Dlacy13g2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Did you really just go there? lol... Seriously...look at last years August NPD's and tell me who is happier Sony or Microsoft?

The August 2009 NPD Numbers

•PlayStation 2 105.9K
•PlayStation 3 210.0K
•PSP 140.3K
•Xbox 360 215.4K
•Wii 277.4K
•Nintendo DS 552.9K

Please stop trying to down play the importance the new Xbox 360 form factor is having on the market. They have completely flipped the tables on both Sony and most Surprisingly Nintendo.

cyber_crysis2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

So, I'm guessing that the PS3 beating the 360 in sales was just a 3 month stint, eh?

What ever happened to the "rise of the PS3"?

anyway Good on Microsoft. The new model really paid off for them.

SilentNegotiator2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Actually, the Ps3 was outselling the 360 WW for 11 months.

And when the 360 finally bounced back, The 360 S didn't even have half of the impact that the Ps3 slim had.

prunchess2899d ago

world wide sales. You can claim your top dog in your back yard but in the big bad world you might only be a puppy.

personally I've always seen MS as the most negative effect on gaming ever. Crappy rehashed games and introducing the pay to play on-line they can only further bring gaming down.

bjornbear2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

but this is probably how the mind of anyone celebrating these sales works =/

the sales all around were great, its just sad this is the only time certain people celebrate sales, we should do it constantly! I missing the point?! =3

PSP is sucking ass though =/ but allow me to spin things a little

WORLD WIDE SALES > NPD, is that right?

lol @ disagrees - sorry if I insulted you, but lets face it, half of the people here cant point out Oman or Amsterdam on a map, but they sure can troll!

NPD =/= World, how many times! Jesus! its not easy arguing sales with people that cant comprehend that these are just sales for one country, and that the rest of the remaining world sales paint a different picture

ignorance is bliss though...i tell ya that =3 Love it! almost as good as the Jersey Shore!! (but that show goes too far with stupidity)

air12899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

do we really have to be reminded every single month that npd isnt the world? we got it like 4 years ago.. i live in america, i couldnt care less what the rest of the world is playing.

but you keep reminding every one that npd isnt the world, im sure you will inform someone that didnt know that some day...

and last i checked world wide ps3 is still 3rd, so whats your point?

lowcarb2899d ago

If you add all worldwide numbers together you can clearly see 360 is on top. NPD only offers a segment of overall worldwide sales penetration and your denial of it's significance just goes to show who the real troll is. Sometimes you are spot on and I even agree with you but to call people out that have been attacked from meaningless it's coming (exclusives years away)Sony propaganda makes me wonder how some of you are so easily deceived. MS needs to be applauded and use this momentum to it's advantage. This may be 360's biggest holiday season ever and the one to convince MS to go ahead and start picking up 1st party support.

poopface12899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


But, if it helps you sleep at night, keep commenting in every NPD article reminding yourself that NPD only reports numbers for the largest videogame market in the world.


The largest game market, I'm pretty sure, is Europe. The thing is, country to country alone, USA is bigger indeed.

That said, bigger or not, it isn't 50% kinda big. Not even close to that. So NPD alone proves nothing, if NPD go agains the tendency in most of the world, which it actually does, the top NPD seller can be in last place WW. That's the reason PS3 had beaten 360 in 2007 by official Sony and MS sales report and everyone was kinda WTF, PS3 was failing so hard on NPD... No one is tracking most of gaming market that closely... And truth is, there is no reason to. Companies need those numbers, we don't.

And don't matter if PS3 or 360 come on top... Yes, my console gets more support if it sells more, but unless some console make a last gen PS2 trick all of a sudden and dominate more than 75% of the market, I assume we're all safe in whichever console we choose, support shall be just as good, those publishers won't ignore anything over 50% of the market to attend to only one console installed base. At least multiplatform wise. That's the reason 3rd exclusives become so rare, not because consoles are close in power or anything like that.

I'm just happy Wii isn't printing money anymore. It had it's hole in the industry, they proved Motion Controls would enlarge the base and were a valid option for controller, but if they had keep the success it had earlier, next gen we all would get MC forced down our throats instead of an option, every game would be designed around it and visual quality (or any quility, judging by WiiFit and WiiSport sales) would be secondary aspect.

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DEA Fresh2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Since E3 Xbox sales have blown up. That's before any of the big games have even came out. This wave started w/ 360 slim now it's building steam w/ Reach 1 week away. After that you have Fable III and Kinect right in the middle of the holiday season. Xbox brand is really having a good year. Think w/ the system redesign RRoD is finally behind them. Live offers the best online experience and there's a solid line-up of exclusives and 360 is the must buy system for multi-plats.

moparful992899d ago

They havent "BLOWN UP" they are markedly better then they were but this is far from blown up.. You are making these numbers into a bigger deal then they are.. Wii is declining rapidly in sales and the ps3 has consistently performed all year.. Now suddenly the 360 is having some success because of a redesign that is all.. The rest of the crap you said is all subjective. Live is not the best experience, its whether you determine it is. I feel its a rip off hence why I dont buy it.. RROD still exists but less frequently. Solid line up of exclusives? You and I both know thats false. YOu have reach, fable and gears and thats it.. Kinect is taking priority at microsoft and its sad.. Just goes to show you that microsoft has it's fanbase eating out of the palm of their hand...

bmw692899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Looks like VGChartz was very close again:

DaTruth2899d ago

You're fighting a losing battle!

mittwaffen2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


This isnt a battle, were playing games.
Go outside dude get right while your at it, lmao!

YOU = Puppet/Sheep

Theres never been a 'battle' win or lose its about playing games, not being a douchebag.

Imperator2899d ago

Great numbers for the 360, can't believe the Wii and PS3 are so far behind. Guess NA is truly 360 land.

mittwaffen2899d ago

Looks like the Fan Girls are up in arms once again,
Just shows it doesnt pay off being a fanboy sucking at the teet for any company.

pippoppow2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Great for MS but is it great for you. Funny how you don't see as much fervor over games as sales. I guess there are so many Halo articles one can take. If your an MS supporter it's nice they do so well in NA but when is MS going to give you more exclusives. There's Halo then Gears (may go to at least PC again like Fable) then....?

It's like your rooting for them for giving so little back.

Anyways, Worldwide they are all most likely doing close to each other. It is funny though how these numbers are taken as face value when not all sales from every retail outlet is counted.

+ It's clear that as long as MS has a Halo or Gears every year it will do well in NA. Sad but true.

user39158002899d ago

I will say this much, hardly anyone deserves to be call king this month, but if those numbers are true than 360 its the only king.

spacetattoo2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

yo calm down. Halo reach and fable 3 will stomp all the way to november. kinect will come out swinging, casual markeT will be kicking in the doors.


here come the disagree's.

vhero2899d ago

People are still upgrading to the new 360 right now so sales are still flying. PS3 still doing well but to be fair I expected MS to sell double PS3 in a territory they are dominating since it is a new console. I mean Sony dominate Japan and more than double sales of 360..

hm0uzy2899d ago

i have to admit,with\ greenringoflife omega4 n4g ll b boring...

gman_moose2899d ago

Every god damn month we hear about this bullshit. Who cares? All this proves is that Americans buy inferior products because mainstream media tells them to. Is this news? Of course not.

niceguywii602899d ago

360 has been outselling Wii and PS3 worldwide for weeks and in NA for months.