Spawn Kill Review: Dragon Age Origins: Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt is an insult, and frankly makes me question BioWare’s intent going into the future. Is this what we should expect after a game’s release? Is this how grand cliffhangers will end? Once the final product is out the door, will we forever be plagued by B-team development? Obviously shame on me for falling for it and ponying up my hard earned cash, but I think the bigger shame lies on BioWare’s doorstep for ending the saga of Dragon Age: Origins with such a pathetic whimper.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Damn, 1/10 is extremely harsh even if it's DLC.

Heart1lly2781d ago

This one really hurt him...and he LOVES Dragon Age with every fiber of his being.

tigresa2780d ago

If you really love Dragon Age - this should have been the epitome of finales or resolving the most burning story element in the game. And they didn't do it. 1/10 sounds fair if that's the case. Failing to do what they promised to do. :I

K-Tuck2780d ago

The truth can be very harsh.

Babow2780d ago

What are you talking about... 1/10 for this DLC was generous.

rrquinta2777d ago

Wow... How disappointing :(. Why, Bioware/EA, do you do this to us???

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