Aaron Greenberg: Microsoft Big Winner of August NPD Results

The August NPD is due out shortly, but Microsoft is the winner of the month for both hardware and software. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg just posted on his Twitter that the Xbox 360 is the best selling system of the month and has been for the last three months. Also, five of the top ten software titles are on the Xbox 360.


Full report data added.

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GreenRingOfLife2900d ago

Microsoft is continuing to outsell the competition its not really surprising though

Montoya2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I think it common knowledge MS is gonna have a good holiday season w/ the 360S and Halo Reach. But what`s after that? Because besides Kinect their isn`t much exclusive stuff in the pipeline. If there is, feel free to inform me I own a 360. I don`t care about sales I care about games.

mboojigga2900d ago

Who knows? I mean no one expected it to outsell both the DS and Wii for 2 months and be number one for 3 months in a row either.

2900d ago
-Alpha2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Not many exclusives down the pipeline that we know of, but the 360 still sells relatively well in NA. I find MS have smarter options than Sony does, and perhaps that's why they sell their 360s as much as they do in NA.

While Sony has PS3 valued with bigger HDDs and ONLY bigger HDDs (the lowest price being $299) MS sells 360s with really small HDDs and also really big ones ($99 360's, and well as $299 360's).

I find that their console has the variety for choice when it comes to purchasing a 360, and considering the casual gamer, this creates a really good option when it comes to meeting consumers at both ends of the scale.

I've also recently seen MS pairing with Best Buy to give free 360's (4GB ones) with the purchase of new laptops. Considering the fact that it's back to school, this also helps sales. When Sony did this with Best Buy they bundled the PS3 with the purchase of a television set. MS's partnership deal seems to make more sense considering the amount of laptops that get sold during back-to-school season in comparison to selling PS3s with TVs. It's things like this that MS is smart in doing.

I think Sony should do the same: not everyone needs a 120-250 GB console, so why not create a 40-80 GB and then sell it for less? Why make 120GB the standard size when you can sell lower GB HDD's for cheaper?

When I generally see the prices in my newspaper it's the HDD difference that usually decides the price factor. I think Sony could easily offer a $199 PS3 or even a $99 PS3 if they so choose.

Hell, their Move bundle is pretty pricey, and I don't get why they don't create a really low-end HDD (40 GB is more than enough for casuals) and then bundle Move for an even cheaper price.

MisterNiwa2900d ago

Watch your mouth Bigwheelstuntshow.

Anyways... I am a 360 Owner, I don't like FPS and overall Shooting games, I already played Fable 2, will probaly Buy 3 and I don't need a 360 for Mass Effect.

What else could I play? Exclusive Titles I mean. And I mean NOW. Oh and no Forza please, I don't want a unrealistic simulation that gives me a full break once I am off the street.

BubbleSystemSuck2900d ago

u talk too much...

and the reason why Xbox 360 are ahead SOny in America, are:
-Luanched First
-High Failure Ratio (a lot of people buy more than 3 Xboxs
-And Moda...

and sorry fir my bad english

-Alpha2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

"the reason why Xbox 360 are ahead SOny in America, are:
-Luanched First"

My comment wasn't as to why 360 outsold PS3 overall, it was in regards to this specific thread about it selling in August 2010. Mentioning the 1 year head start serves no purpose to this topic. Also, there's much more to it than just the fact that the 360 launched first. The Wii launched after the 360 and it managed to outsell both PS3 and 360. Halo 3, XBL (online gaming was much more common when the 360 launched for consoles), and the cheaper price all contributed to 360's success.

"High Failure Ratio (a lot of people buy more than 3 Xboxs"

No, people didn't "buy" new 360s once they got RRoD, and I'd definitely like to see your evidence that "a lot" bought more than 3.

Under the 3 year warranty people didn't buy 360's from stores. They were able to get ones directly from MS free of charge. As to whether these returned consoles that RRoD victims received counted towards the sales figures, then that is unknown. I doubt it, considering by definition, sold consoles are ones that are sold in retail stores and not given from MS under warranty or ones that are shipped. When they give sales, they mean sales. We assume the numbers are true and accurate. We assume Sony, MS, and Nintendo-- any company for that matter, doesn't lie when they post their sales figures. I assume that lying about this wouldn't be ideal when considering that MS would be lying to shareholders, which to my knowledge may be illegal.

GWAVE2900d ago

Sales, sales, and more sales.

Leave it to Microsoft to trick its gaming fanbase into thinking they're shareholders and forgetting they're gamers. Watching the numbers tick by on VGChartz (it used to be watching review score averages on Meta) is their favorite video game.

IHateYouFanboys2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


you, like all of the sony fanboys (not saying youre one though, just that sony fanboys dont get it either), dont seem to realise that Microsoft and Sony have differing release strategies.

Sony announce a new exclusive the second its in the planning stages, so itll be YEARS before they release, meaning it always seems like theres a huge list of exclusives coming - despite the fact that some of them are still referred to as 'project such and such' or 'team ico game'.

Microsoft on the other hand tend to announce their exclusives roughly 6 months to a year before a firm release date. remember, Forza 3 wasnt even announced or even rumoured and then all of a sudden it pops up at E3 with a release date of a mere 5-6 months later. Gears 2 popped up for the very first time 6 months before it actually got released. Gears 3, again, about 12 months before release if not less. same with Left 4 Dead 2.

basically what im saying is just because they havent announced a huge list of exclusives shipping next year does NOT mean that there wont be any. theyre not like sony who let you know that a game will be coming out in 3 years time. they keep their cards close to their chest.

ChronoJoe2900d ago

I agree, microsofts decisions are definitely smarter, marketing wise, but it's clear they only think about how they can get the consumer to purchase their product, rather than how they can get their consumer enjoying, and feeling fullfilled with there product.

Due to Japanese culture, I think it's very different with Sony and Nintendo. Who consider much of microsofts marketing tactics, 'dishonourable', I mean you could say there's no place for honour in business... but it's definitely that approach which benefits the consumer the most, hell - the whole reason Sony got into the console business was a matter of honour/dishonour.

R2D22900d ago

thats why Modern Warfare 2 sold so much on both consoles -_-

For some reason N4G users believe that they are the majority in the console user base.

OneSneakyMofo2900d ago

Bubs, Chrono. I've never thought about that. Thanks for the insight on Japanese culture and their companies.

kaveti66162900d ago

After Halo Reach, you might want Fable 3, Gears 3, and some new game from Crytek called Project Kingdoms which I don't know about and which might be a timed exclusive.

On the multiplatform side, there will be a strong offering with the likes of Crysis 2, RAGE, Black Ops, Batman: Arkham City, and so on and so forth. There will also be Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 6, Split Second 2 (I'm confident), Forza Motorsport 4 (probably), and Skate 4.

Anon19742900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Greenberg loves him some NPD numbers, doesn't he? No matter what happens, there's always the NPD numbers...

Meanwhile, Microsoft suddenly refuses to make their 360 targets known for fiscal 2010. What`s that about?

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frankymv2900d ago


Nice bubbles

xskipperx822900d ago

Why are people disagreeing to this??? It's not surprising because of Halo Reach around the corner and Black Op's in Nivember. Plus you got Kinect coming out which is blinding all of the non-gamers out there. I find it funny that ANYTHING positive said about the 360 (even if it's fact based) gets disagrees

SpitFireAce852900d ago

BlackOps is on the PS3 as well

xskipperx822900d ago

I know Black Ops is on the PS3 but Microsoft really pushes CoD titles and they usually sell better on their console.
Disagree away.

bjornbear2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Aaron Greenberg: We seriously can only pride ourselves on the sales of one country. USA F*CK YEAH GONA SAVE THE WORLD YEAH!!

Rest of the world: Ok =|

@ frankymv : Hey not all one bubblers are deranged...='(

ingiomar2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

With Halo: Reach coming next week I think its pretty safe to say its gonna do the same again (Outsell Sony and Nintendo) for September and probably even October

And im not even going to start about how kinect is going to sell like crazy

Oh wait i forgot something...hmmmm

It only does 4th place

Aaah there it is

Motorola2900d ago

Im thinking like Pachter, everyone who wants Reach already has an xbox, i could be wrong but i dont really care anyway.

TheBlackSmoke2900d ago

360, it only does Halo


meetajhu2900d ago

Greenberg how about a Magic trick. I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.

kaveti66162900d ago

please don't stick it up your ass.

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Natsu X FairyTail2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Cross fingers for MS to bring something RELEVANT at TGS. even tho im pretty sure they wont show anything off the hook. AND NO STFU im not GreenRingofLife for Christ sake. In case some of yall was Finna say that.

[email protected]

I'D like MS to bring some creativity.

Even if it's old games like Banjo Atleast 1 new Platformer wouldnt Hurt! Conquer ! Perfect Dark ! Blue Dragon! lost odyssey!

there's a whole bunch of games dying to get Sequels. :( a man can only dream

PandemicPrawn02900d ago

What do you think it would take Natsu?
What would you like to see Microsft do for TGS?

Omega42900d ago

Didn't think it would stay no.1 again, at least not above the DS.

Wonder if the 360 will ever be able to catch the Wii.

Meisadragon2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

while the wii and 360 have been at that for 2 years.

Its gonna be a tough battle then.

T9X692900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I love my Xbox, but neither 360 or PS3 will catch the Wii. Wii's sales may be decreasing and not as good as they use to be, but its still selling, much like the PS2.

@pat_11_5 lol I see your still upset about me reporting your crappy article. Get a hold of yourself, the Wii is the PS2 of this generation. I guess you think sales "experts" opinions=facts. People can predict all they want, but the numbers don't lie.

pat_11_52900d ago

The PS3 will surpass both the 360 and Wii in sales in the coming years. I'm a 360 gamer and I hate to admit it but Microsoft is slipping and Nintendo is slipping even harder. Sales experts and analytics have predicted this shift for over a year now.

Do some research before you form such an uninformed opinion.

thebudgetgamer2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

ps3 and 360 will be neck and neck, but to catch the wii. i dont think so.

arent those the same people that said sony would go bankrupt?

lowcarb2900d ago

"I hate to admit it but Microsoft is slipping and Nintendo is slipping even harder"

Stay in denial child! I think we've all heard your phrase before more than enough and as adults can clearly see which console is truly slipping. Sony can announce as many games (years away for crying out loud)as they want but this gen MS is the one to watch out for. At this rate the 360 could give Wii a run for the money and make the biggest comeback ever in gaming history going into next.

theafroman2900d ago

maybe in the us its a 5 mill lead they might do it if kinect skyrockets

adamx2900d ago

Well if you factor in the amount of 360's that no longer work.... it will never reach the wii.

PraiseJeebus2900d ago

It just seems this guy only comes out to spew his garbage whenever the XBOX360 is doing good...They're getting great sales only for all the consoles that keeps breaking down...

I'd be interested to see WORLDWIDE sales....I think I'd be laughing at Mr. Greenburg then....

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CombatEvolving2900d ago

Good job Microsoft, keep up the good work.

Counter Strike2900d ago

More Kinec , Gears 3 , Kingdoms and Forza 3 plus new Modern Warfare 2 will Give 360 even more sales than this year!

EXID2900d ago

i hate to break it to you but the kinect isn't "sold" yet, gran turismo's gonna destroy any racing game in the foreseeable future, and mw2 dlc doesn't sell consoles. gears 3 could see a sales boost, but don't expect a huge year for ms next year from what they have announced so far.

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