If you could create your ideal video game, what would it be?

Nowadays, it seems every gamer with the ability to string two words together is more than willing to viciously ridicule a game because of the smallest flaw, or more likely, because of the console said game happens to reside on. With near fanatical fanboys and self-proclaimed critics rampaging across the interwebz, leaving a path of destruction in their wake, it seems no game is safe from these ape like creatures. Now, it begs the question, if these 'people' know so much about games, why don't they explain to us how they could do a much better job than the professional developers and publishers who put hundreds of hours of work into their labours of love. Unfortunately, anonymity is pretty big on the internet, so tracking down these so called game critics might prove a bit difficult. Instead, I'll have to settle and ask you, the reader. If you had the ability to create your own game, with no budget or IP restrictions, what would it be?

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gravemaker2899d ago

like Uncharted 2, but with pirates and robots! With open world and graphics like crysis. Hell, i want a decent One Piece game, that would be best game ever.

HeroXIV2899d ago

Open world pirate game, needs to be done. The world needs it.

x5exotic2899d ago

actually pirates of the caribbean armada of the damned is what u want :P

TotalPS3Fanboy2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

any video games.

ABizzel12899d ago

If I could make all the game ideas I already have I would make one or multiple consoles very happy.

16 different games, but it's impossible doing it all by yourself. I have everything ready, but I need a team.

:( But I will have my games published some day, and the top dogs will have to put up, because I'm aiming for them.

Immortal3212899d ago

movie style game.
zealous war hero
team thing
and a main character thats caught in between all of the mess.

Mista T2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I would make amazing game, one would be an fps rpg, one would be a straight up action sc fi fps. I could make bazillions of dollars. but alas, no programing skills whatsoever :/

I would try to make these games different then most games these days

I'm not gonna go into detail with my ideas, cause I know some asshole will steal them and I would get absolutely nothing

PandemicPrawn02899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Ever since I saw the Milo demo and E3 last year and the more recent demo at TED, I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to create a kind of sci fi first person RTS.

Put yourself in the shoes of a Captain Kirk type character, making decisions and interacting with your crew, ship AI, and other NPC’s though voice and gesture controls.

You could even throw in some RPG elements and interesting character arks.

maniacmayhem2899d ago

I'd make a game where you would sit quietly in a corner and read a good book.

Dsnyder2899d ago

Time Out:Extreme punishment? Masochists might love it.

Dsnyder2899d ago

Cross country type of stuff. Control every type of vehicle imaginable, realistic pedistrian action from dat to night, thousads of interior enviornments, and of course lots of weapons!

iceman062899d ago

That the natural progression of GTA would eventually be to be able to traverse the different cities of each game. I just think that it would be cool to jump in a jet and fly from Liberty City to San Andreas to Vice City. The worlds are pretty much fully realized at this point. It would really be up to limitations of hardware and programming skills I guess.

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