How 4 Out of 5 People Play Mass Effect 2 Wrong

Four out of five gamers play Mass Effect 2 as a man, says BioWare. And that’s a huge mistake.

BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson shared a wide array of Mass Effect 2 gameplay statistics with on Monday. The data the company collects tells it all kinds of things about the way people play their games.

But one data point in particular says to me that most gamers aren’t getting the most out of Mass Effect 2.

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WetN00dle692814d ago

I play as the male on my 360 BUT for the PC version im using the female character!
Yeah i bought both versions of the game and ill be getting the PS3 version as well!

WetN00dle692814d ago

Why not?
The PS3 version might have exclusive content.

omi25p2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

no it wont, it has bonus content which is the dlc already on xbox version.

Also i couldnt finish campaign with female shepard she anouyed me to much, male shepard is much better

2814d ago
RH062813d ago

Yes but if they don't release the first, then it's not worth it. A trilogy without the first is like watching the Empire Stikes Back without watching Star Wars. A Trilogy story to me matters...

theonlylolking2813d ago

because he has the money to do so

IcarusOne2813d ago

And I completely disagree with this article's assessment of Jennifer Hale. I created a female Shephard for both games but only got a few hours in before her voice just annoyed the hell out of me and I stopped.

ExplosionSauce2813d ago

I thought the content on the PS3 version is going to included for free.
I may be wrong.

MysticStrummer2813d ago

I agree in a way, but mostly disagree. If there was no way to watch Star Wars, I would still say to watch Empire Strikes Back. Story wise, you won't exactly be lost if you do that, and Empire is the better movie. Mass Effect 2 will be the same way. They'll have a recap of the backstory, so you'll just miss out on making decisions that would effect Mass Effect 2. I have a PS3 and hate PC gaming, so there's no way for me to play Mass Effect, but since that series is one of only two on the 360 that I would play, I'm looking forward to playing Mass Effect 2. Left for Dead is the other series, and it may be coming over as well now that Valve has come around.

Perjoss2813d ago

there is a fantastic video on youtube (***may contain many spoilers***) that shows all of the aggressive responses that female shephard can say, and she is MUCH better at the aggressive stuff than male shep is by far.

ReservoirDog3162813d ago

Hmm, guess I'll replay it with my female Shepard from ME1.

Sony3602812d ago

Key word being "might". Sorry but it won't have any exclusive DLC.

Also you owe to to yourself to play the first game and carry it through to the second.

Also you're having to wait a while for it to come on the Ps3.

Do yourself a favor and get both on the PC (steam). The DLC is free and you can actually play them TODAY.

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Montoya2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I`ve played it both ways, the game is just amazing. Period. I`m buying it for my PS3 aswell.

The Matrix2813d ago

I go both ways.

I mean, I do both Shepards.

No, wait, I mean I’ve tried them both out. Not like at the same time or anything, but one after the other. To see which I liked better.

This isn’t sounding any better the more I type.

Scrooge2813d ago

@ Matrix: LOL!

This is a fantastic game! I played through as a good male Shepherd, and started to play through it again as jerk male shepherd. Maybe I'll get this for PS3 if it's just as good or better and play through as a good female shepherd. This might be GOTY for me, well, I really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption too, maybe that's GOTY for me. IDK, too many good ones this year!

RAZORLAND2813d ago

I'll play as a chick next run-thru...

Reibooi2813d ago

I always played the female Shepard.

The main reason I started playing that way was because Female has WAY better voice acting them male and it made me switch from male after the first few hours of the first game but sense then I have just found it more interesting to play as a female character anyway.

it's a role playing game after it's nice to play a role you otherwise would not be playing.

jakethesnake2813d ago

Totally agree. The voice acting for the female Shepard makes the male Shep sound a bit flat. I just couldn't go back afterward!

2813d ago
bobcostus2812d ago

You can romance Liara in the new DLC they just released (If you romanced her in the first game)

pustulio2813d ago

I always play once with my male character and i have a secondary story as a female character.

presto7172813d ago

Playing as a chick is so much better. The voice is awesome. Its just that romance felt kinda awkward for me since I mostly play as guys.....

gtamike2813d ago Show
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NYC_Gamer2814d ago

well i just like playing as male charactors in all rpgs when given the choice..

bjornbear2813d ago

i like to be put into their shoes, and as a guy I understand better what its like since...well I'm a guy

but knowing this, I will be inclined to play as the female, but after I play as John since, well ME1 i'm playing as john =)

PandemicPrawn02814d ago

If fem Shep is so great then why is the Dude Shepard on the cover of both games?

ndibu2814d ago

Not just the cover, trailers, and magazine promos. Even the in game trailer. I'm not my 3rd playthrough, I wanna maximize all my abilities, and now you tell me I should have played as the chick? Urg!

Cevapi882814d ago

bioware could have went the kotor way and just had a cover that showed off the game rather than the main character....kotor did this perfectly....the cover was very intriguing, had all of the main characters on it except the protagonist which was you....

mistajeff2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

probably because it's marketed toward males more than females. i think it all goes back to the perception that gamers are almost exclusively male, even though the last statistic i heard said that something like 40% of gamers are female.
fem shep is awesome, i'm totally a convert. i started as male since i'm a guy, but after playing as female, it's hard to go back. the voice acting is top notch. it really makes you realize how much male shep sounds like he's reciting lines in a recording booth. fem's voice acting is authentic and believable, with the perfect emotional inflections. must be all that practice she got from metal gear solid haha

Reibooi2813d ago

The voice acting for female Shepard was the main reason I played the game as a female it's just SO much better then male.

lzim2813d ago

male shep reminds me of zoolander. Female shep and chambers = riot. female shep wins.

duplissi2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

who is she in metal gear? meryl?

edit: ah, naomi. she was also bastilla from kotor

kaveti66162814d ago

Gaming is male-oriented.

kaveti66162813d ago

Right, if you discount the Hannah Montana games and the Barbie games it's full male oriented. The fact that there are female gamers doesn't mean I'm wrong. It just means that females have no problems playing games that are oriented towards males. But males do have problems playing games oriented towards females.

commander2813d ago

Not he is right gaming is male oriented. Just because the Sims and Just Dance exist, doesnt mean its not a male market.

No Way2813d ago

Uhm, not quite. It's shifting. There's games with lead females.
Just because you can't look past playing as a female doesn't mean others can't.

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Sony3602812d ago

Why's he also in all of the promotions, trailers, and cinematics as well?

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tplarkin72813d ago

The role is made for a man. All of the mannerisms and dialogue are male. It's no fun to play as a female soldier.

lzim2813d ago

very true but with the Ashely character being weird, having 2 weirdo female soldier characters would have been just as bad. Plus a more gung ho female soldier would have very irritating.

stragomccloud2813d ago

I'd actually really like to try it out. I've loved Jennifer Hale in everything she's been in so...

tonsoffun2813d ago

It's not playing it wrong, it's fucking called personal choice

Syaz12813d ago

exactly. since when am i needed to be told how to play a damn RPG!