On PlayStation's 15th Birthday, Platform Claims 377 Million Consoles Sold

Today, September 9, is the 15th anniversary of the PlayStation; including the original console and its two subsequent editions, the platform has sold 377 million hardware units and over 2 billion software units to date, the company announced today.

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GWAVE2901d ago

And to think that some people claim Sony is teh doomz.

InfectedDK2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

How to make a sick brand
So great people gets jelaous
My mom and even my grandma knows what a PlayStation is, not what an Xbox is


SIGH........Xbox waaaaaaaaahhh waaaaaaaaaaaahhh .......... STFU!!

Awsome console, I absolutely loved my Playstation, sooooooooo many good gaming memories

Trebius2901d ago

My launch PS2 has been ON since I purchased it, and it still works like a charm.

SONY Hardware is so f-ing reliable!

fossilfern2901d ago

I know iv had my PS2 since launch and it still works to this day. Infact i was playing Shadow of the Colossus on it yesterday for a good few hours and the machine hasn't froze or anything on me. Just like the PS3 Sony make reliable electronics.

scofios2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Offcourse they know ,it's the same if you ask them which soft drink they know most the wannabe (coca cola ) pepsi , ......., or the real coca cola .
same thing if you ask them which game system they know, the wannabe( playstation ) xbox or the real playstation .

UltraNova2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

hmm, if you you multiply that by an average of $200 (yes I know its too low) Sony earned $7540000000 just from selling the consoles! Imagine how much more they made by selling games, peripherals etc!

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sniper-squeak2901d ago

Just came to wish a special brand a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Playstation :)

Cevapi882901d ago

some amazing stats....much respect

GeoramA2901d ago

The best console brand there is.

Happy b-day!

Noobasaurus_REX2901d ago

stealth disagreeing here?...

BulletToothtony2901d ago

yep.. whiny kids going!!

"No my console is the best!! wwaaaahhhh sony sukS!!!!!!

Mom.. can i have a ps3? No timmy it's too expensive!! waaah sony sucks!"

Akagi2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Been with Playstation the very first day it released in the US. Only thing that has changed is Sony have gotten better and I've gotten older.

number472901d ago

keep the quality coming, im a happy camper.

Solid_Snakeps32901d ago

i can still remember playing MGS1 on PS1 great days...

fossilfern2901d ago

Same here, Physco Mantis anyone? Being 8 yaers old and trying to beat him is the hardest thing a child could do :D!

TheTwelve2901d ago

Exactly, Akagi. Exactly.


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The story is too old to be commented.