Don't Be That Gamer! : Pirates

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There’s not much to respect about a person that joyfully steals from others and in the case of gaming pirates, it’s downright unjustified. However, that doesn’t stop these self-entitled pariahs from trying to do so. Sure you heard all the excuses but let’s take a close look at their hypocrisy.

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Cevapi882815d ago

idk why...but this seems to be mainly geared towards ps3 gamers....the pc along with the 360 have had a much bigger problem with the ps3 hack, as far as i see it still seems fake to do make a good point...if someone is willing to put down $150 for a usb drive yet whine about the pricing of games, then there is something completely wrong with them

iamnsuperman2815d ago

That's true $150 what that is like buying 4 games at once....I can't believe hackers complain when Sony/Microsoft brick there console.....If they read the terms of agreement (you have to agree when buying the console) it clearly states they can and its justified too.....chiping your console to play free games is seriously damaging to the industry....companies are laying of people all the time hacking consoles is not going to help because they will get less money and lay of more people (or shut down completely)

FarEastOrient2815d ago

$150 for a fake hack is pretty expensive, it is money best spent else where.

This reminded me when I wanted to drop $1600 for an iMac, I almost did but instead spent $1659 on Apple shares and now that pile is worth $3900 now and that wasn't a long time ago.

At least spend that money on used games...

ndibu2815d ago

Then Sony are retards, suing people and releasing firmware that blocks fake hacks.
Sounds like you've been taking a swim in Africa's longest river

Cevapi882815d ago

its master chief's bitch

Immortal3212815d ago

If game pirates can download games with gigs up to 18, shouldn't devs make games with more data?

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goalweiser2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Mostly because the PS3 Jailbreak seems to be the flavor of the month. It costs practically nothing to modify your PC or Xbox 360 to play games.

It just seemed that everyone including Xbox fanboys were lining up to mod their PS3s.

I don't understand modding any console period. I don't ever recall modding consoles to be so expensive and for so many people to hop on the bandwagon at first sight.

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Dave13512815d ago

I agree with the ps3 part but im not gonna stop downloading pc games XD

GamerSciz2815d ago

I downloaded MW2 just to see if I would enjoy the game gameplay style compared to MW, which I wasn't a huge fan of by the way. I was looking for just a single player demo and there was nothing to be found and it's been out for almost a year and is still $60. Rather then spending $60 and possibly not liking it I decided to download it and play through the SP campaign. In the end I am glad I didn't buy it. I am just waiting for MoH or Black Ops.

gcolley2815d ago

to be fair on who??? you are the exact person this article is aimed at

AssassinHD2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

You could have rented the game to see if you would like it. A $22.95/month Gamefly subscription lets you try out any game you want, for as long as you want. Actually you can even get the cheaper $15.95/month plan if you only want to try one game at a time.

2815d ago
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