Neocrisis: Buy Move Games Now

Neocrisis: Well its true. You can already buy a few of the Move games in stores. I happened to be walking in Walmart's Video Game section and happen to notice that they have put up 3 Move games.

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TLG19912903d ago

Hmmm i hope they do this somewhere in the uk (preferably gamestation as i have a card with over £100 on) im gana keep my eyes open

Valay2902d ago

Things sometimes are sold early, so it wasn't expected that some people can buy Move now.

GuruStarr782902d ago

this lineup of launch titles blow....I've got a move and nav. controller preordered, but I don't even see myself using it until sorcery comes out.

jazzking20012902d ago

next month for me with time crisis

GuruStarr782902d ago

Yeah, but that one just seems like a rental to me.....You can usually finish those games in a couple of sittings.

jazzking20012902d ago

i am hoping that can get a review copy of time crisis >.<
fingers crossed

MasterOfThe12Blades2902d ago

Time Crisis:Razing Storm contains three games: Razing Storm, Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4: Arcade Verion. Day one for me! I already ordered two move controllers so I can play with a buddy.

Slient Knight 92902d ago

when is time crisis coming out? Also is it coming to uk?

jack_burt0n2902d ago

u might need to import it, is pretty good or ebay.

Because I have heard nothing from namco about europe getting it.

MasterOfThe12Blades2902d ago

US: oct. 19th
UK: no release date has been announced....

I always use when it comes to import games.

Slient Knight 92902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )


cheers for that site jack, i think it's due to lack of sales of the last time crisis game that nothing as been said for uk and europe.

I'm on holday in US in oct so hopefully pick it up while i'm out there if not i use site you recommended, i imported demons souls from hong kong when i heard about it and never regretted it.

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Montoya2902d ago

Sports Champions and ECii look good enough for me and my family.

jack_burt0n2902d ago

tumble is great, heavy rain will be worth trying and re5 gold edition if you haven't already bought the DLC.

nefertis2902d ago

I will get move eventually, my money is low.