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"Plants vs. Zombies, the latest sensation from the wizards at PopCap Games, has invaded several platforms now, including iPad and iPhone, but haven’t yet found their way to game consoles…until yesterday, when the game finally arrived on Xbox Live Arcade. But can a game that usually relies on touch-screen specifications or mouse control survive with a game controller? The answer is absolutely. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to put it down."

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athmaus2632d ago

this is a great game, but dont think i will buy it agin for my xbox 360

Caspel2632d ago

First time playing it and I'm addicted =)

TheSanchezDavid2632d ago

Couldn't expect anything less from such a notorious tower defense title. I'm looking forward to the future DS release!

craazy2632d ago

I hope they bring this to the PS3/PSN

rezznik2632d ago

MUST BUY! That said, when will see a PS3 release?

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