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"One of the things that perplexes us around the office is why Valkyria Chronicles II has been released for a different platform than the original release. When Sega released the first game, it was for the PlayStation 3, and despite its lack of best-seller status, it gained enough of a cult following to be considered a modest hit. The sequel, of all places, is on the PlayStation Portable, which might frustrate those who were expecting next-gen goodness. However, if you own the platform and don’t mind changing your strategies mildly to format the portable console’s set-up, you’ll find it’s just as rewarding as the original. And, surprisingly, in some ways, it’s even better."

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Caspel2869d ago

Would've love to play this on the PS3, but the PSP will do.

athmaus2869d ago

Still havent gotten to play the first game yet :(

TheSanchezDavid2869d ago

I don't really understand why the game wasn't released on the PS3. But hey, as long as it's good, right? Still, this seems like a great sequel that would have been hugely successful on Sony's current home console.

catch2869d ago

I am hoping at tgs the VC announcement is for a ps3 sequel.

rezznik2869d ago

Totally agree with the review.....currently playing VC2 and it's awesome.