Playstation’s 15th anniversary brings a surprise for many countries without a Store

Gamersmint : Sony made sure that today becomes a special day for Playstation fans worldwide. That’s right, on the eve of Playstation’s 15th anniversary, many countries got their very own PSN stores which have been left out so far.

Indian, Turkish and Croatian PSN Stores are now live, what a glorious day for PS3 owners, they had to wait a long time for this. So many promises, delays before they finally got to have their own PSN store.

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cyborg2627d ago

Sony planned such a thing for today, I can see many a happy gamers face already. :)

Blacktric2627d ago

One of those happy gamers is me :D. Can't believe Turkey finally got a PS store. Hopefully they sort out the credit card problem and let me buy some downloadable games!

Dee_912627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

god knows i love me some croatian chicks

cyborg2627d ago

I can assure you that Sony is just testing their functionalities out right now and the stores will be fully functionable pretty soon. Yes, that means your CC will be working pretty soon aswell.

Btw, congrats! :)

Blacktric2627d ago

Thanks a lot :D. Well that officialy means that I'm ditching Xbox 360 as my primary console for PS3. Gonna buy every multiplatform game for PS3 from now on, thanks to Sony!

FACTUAL evidence2627d ago

Maybe PS+ also help Sony contribute to stores in other countries.

Prcko2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

yes i have a ps store omg,Sony you rockkkkk!!!!
sry for Croatian,but i am so happy :)

emil12627d ago

i'm from croatia, too. that's three right there

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The story is too old to be commented.