Whiskey Media puts Giant Bombcast behind pay wall

Tomorrow is a big day for Whiskey Media. First, we’re doing a live 7-hour variety show. Second, we’re launching our Paid Memberships. Dave and Mike Tatum have already made previous posts about why we are offering premium memberships. Now here’s the details:

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goldensfree2871d ago

i wont buy it but i will stop clicking on your site

Montrealien2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

lol, they don`t need you, you have nothing to offer. You are stuck in your anonymous little world jumping from one account to another here on N4G and various comment sections.

btw, you dont need to get a sub, you can stay your anonymous little self free on giant bomb.

Red_Orange_Juice2871d ago

I have no idea what whiskey media is, so it doesn't concern me

Montrealien2871d ago

lol, I love that.

You know, this is the information age, you could do a quick search and find out what whiskey media is. Just a thought. oh wait, here, I took 15 seconds to do it for you.

ChronoJoe2871d ago

He meant he didn't care, not he didn't know how to find out.

Montrealien2871d ago

my bad, I miss understood

"I have no idea what whiskey media is, so it doesn't concern me"

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goldensfree2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

cause i said he was a troll
now hes trolling my account lolz
kinda proves my point dont it XD

edit ya should see the pms i got epic trolling wonder what dude does when hes not trollin? btw anyone here thats not one of his alts ever see him game cause I doubt he has either console.

Montrealien2871d ago

If there is one place that deserves to stay as independent and awesome with our help, it certainly is Giant bomb and whisky media, these guys offer alot to their community.

gauntletpython2871d ago

I'd shell out for additional content, but thats lame they would charge to get the Bombcast early. They might as well call it Giant Bombcast Plus.

Montrealien2871d ago

HD content, no adds, I am sure there is more.

this is clearly just to help out their revenue stream so they don't have to hoar themselves too much.

sack_boi2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

"Hd content" - They'll get posted on Youtube and Torrent sites anyway.

"No Ads" - That's what AdBlockPlus is for.

gauntletpython2871d ago

I understand they're in shaky conditions. That said, I still don't view 'HD content' and 'no ads' as new material - it's just existing stuff enhanced.

New shows, new features - that's what I would pay for.

TheIneffableBob2871d ago

They have solid content and I don't think they've ever had any ads on their site.

I'm fine with this. They need a revenue stream to stay in business.

CrzyFooL2871d ago

Do you get porn for paying too? Cuz that would be sweet. Hot Gerstmann on Gerstmann action.

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