Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2011 Demo Preview

“The classic football game is back to its best”

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 represents a new chapter in the long-running story of the popular football sim series.

The game features a series of significant, much-needed improvements to PES 2010. Gameplay has been tweaked to improve control, more game modes have been added, and the graphics and overall presentation of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 are breathtaking.

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Cevapi882900d ago

going back to what made this game awesome back to the ps2 days....finally konami has figured it out

Jaybad542900d ago

Ive got Ps Plus, so got this demo early and honestly didnt like it. It feels sluggish and disjointed. Maybe im just too used to FIFA 10 but I really wasnt impressed

Seijoru2899d ago

I agree, PES might look better but the animations are still pretty bad and the ball physics are weird and clunky.

DufferO82899d ago

shooting is terrible. the old pes was brill on psp

mac4u102899d ago

Pro is on its last legs, EA must be having a field day after playing that demo.

Handsome_Devil2899d ago

Sounds like a day one buy for me :D, PES is back.

kevin360uk2899d ago

After playing the PS3 demo, PES 2011 finally makes Fifa look like a boys football game!

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The story is too old to be commented.