GamingTrend: Metroid: Other M Review

GamingTrend writes: "It wasn’t Super Mario Bros that brought me to the NES, it was Metroid. An RPG-lite adventure that had me turning into a ball, laying bombs, shooting missiles, freezing my enemies, and exploring had me hooked the second I played it at a nearby Toys-R-Us kiosk. I saved my allowance and worked Summer jobs until I had enough to buy the game and the console in one shot, and it was worth every penny. How many games can you say that about? I bet the list is short. Nintendo has since released 10 titles in the Metroid franchise (even a pinball game!) moving it from the entirely 2D sidescrolling original to the 3D first-person perspective of the more recent games. There is one major thing different about this new title though - it wasn’t developed entirely by Nintendo".

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