Rumour: Elder Scrolls V Definitely In Production, Says Sony

SystemLink: "Firstly, we've got to do this right off the bat. This is a rumour. That is, there's is no 'proof' or 'confirmation', apart from the events being retold. We understand some of you may be skeptical about the following, and some may choose not to believe it. This is entirely your choice; we cannot force you to take this as the truth, we can only present you with what we know and let your make your mind up."

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Montoya2747d ago

Elder Scrolls V + PS move = Epic @ss sh!t

Also, being a PC/PS3 exclusive would probably serve the expierence best.

mjolliffe2747d ago

Unsurprising, but brilliant :)

bjornbear2747d ago

but NO WAY will it be PC/PS3 exclusive only, 360 will get it too.

however, I don't doubt there might be some cross platform action through steam for pc/ps3 owners?

either way, OF COURSE Elder Scrolls V is being made, and ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

I can - not - wait =3

chazjamie2747d ago

that would be awesome if it were might be? i sure do hope its true. and please drop the exclusive drama. it will likely be on the three platforms we know and love.

Arnon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Steam isn't coming to the PS3. Steam Cloud for Portal 2 is. They're totally separate things compared to just regular "Steam". And yeah, I have absolutely no doubt it would hit the Xbox 360.

inveni02747d ago

Oblivion is still a blast. The world it presents is miles above even the world provided with Fallout 3. I just hope that their next iteration of games has better animation. That animation is GOD AWFUL!

Coffin872746d ago

the title is in production.
It didn't need Sony to ensure me of that.

2746d ago
Nevers2746d ago

They like$ their money$.

And after going to PAX... neither PS Move or Kinect impress me in the least. Neither could keep up with my cat-like reflexes ;D

ES V's rumoured existence didn't need to be "announced" ... as night follows day, we knew this was coming.

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N4PS3Fanboys2747d ago

Elder Scrolls V + Kinect = Epic @ss sh!t

Also, being a PC/360 exclusive would probably serve the best experience.

fooltheman2747d ago

It is just funny that sony claims this...

Montoya2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I would love to see Elder Scrolls made w/ Kinect.

It would probably been something like the Half-Life 2 Kinect vid. It would definitely give everyone (yourself and Omega excluded) at GREAT laugh.


mustash20032747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

...heres a wild, radical and far out would be a great game if it came out on PC,360 and PS3. Shock, horror, no wai!!!!!

With or without Kinect/Move Support

Montoya2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I think Move *SUPPORT* would be awesome. Regardless of the platforms it on. It could be a 360 exclusive and I`d still buy it. But I`m talking about what *I* want.

BTW, By PS3/PC I meant maximizing potential which is done through those 2 platform. 360s DVDs are restricting gaming expierences.

siyrobbo2747d ago

would be good to use the normal controller and use kinect so when npcs are talking to you they can actually look at you relative to your position instead of staring straight ahead like they do in elder scrolls / fallout

that's the only thing id like to see kinect used for in this type of game

wouldn't like to use the move either, not in a 60+ hour game

Motion2747d ago

It might be ok with Kinect, but I think it would ruin the whole Elder Scrolls experience by putting the game on rails.

lowcarb2747d ago

I see where your coming from Montoya but what if they make it for Kinect plus controller compatible? I see the rail issue right now but with a controller or peripheral that could be eliminated.

jack_burt0n2747d ago

"Elder Scrolls V + Kinect = Epic @ss sh!t"

LMAO that was some comedy genius, you running on the spot for hours getting from one village to the other so so funny.

Arnon2747d ago

Pretty sure if they wanted the best performance for The Elder Scrolls V, they would keep it a PC exclusive and not worry about dumbing down the game to work on a console. The PS3 wouldn't even be able to touch TES V if it was exclusive to the PC running on DirectX 11.

If any console version is made, expect all console versions that are capable of running a dumbed down PC game to appear.


Elder Scrolls V + Kinect doesn't match.

xAlmostPro2747d ago

elder scrolls V + kinect..

"ever wondered what the bottom of your guys shoe looks like?.. BAM! There it is!..although you seem to have stuck your hand/sword through your body :s".. :/

Biggunz2747d ago

Elder Scrolls on rails sound great!

Osiris1052747d ago

I really hope they don't make it with either Move or Kinect. I'm not sold on the whole motion control idea. Maybe after I have played with Move and Kinect I may change my mind, but as of right now I just want more of the same ES goodness.

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RedDead2747d ago

Elder Scrolls V + joypad = epic @ss sh!t

....All I want is another good ES. Don't try to make it work for motion controls, might just ruin the francise

EvilBlackCat2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

"Also, being a PC/PS3 exclusive would probably serve the expierence best"

Oh please explain because you pointed that "Elder Scrolls V + PS move = Epic @ss sh!t" then you comment "PC/PS3 exclusive would probably serve the expierence best" mmm... Brand fanboynism?

Well PC dont have Move and like you commented "Elder Scrolls V + PS move = Epic @ss sh!t" That mean that on PC is not epic but then you say "PC/PS3 exclusive" best experience?

Im trying to understand your bullshit.

Let me guess... you are an anti 360 right?

xAlmostPro2747d ago

i hope this is like elder scrolls IV with online play.. i wish i could roam its huge lands and bump into other players in real time, do quests with them.. trade items, or if i wanted to be a complete a$$.. kill them and loot there stuff :)

Solid_Snakeps32747d ago

if sony says so i'll believe :)

MR LOOKINGBILL2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

The 360 has a much larger install base than the ps2...if you think developers are going to overlook that money making machine then you should be institutionalize.

BeOneWithTheGun2747d ago

This game is to be played with a controller and/or m/k.

frostbite062746d ago

I hope they hold off and release it next gen. What a sweet launch title for either platform.

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led10902747d ago

Wow a rumour about something being a fact! Paradoxically brilliant :p

KillerPwned2747d ago

Of course this game is in development its not really even a rumor its a must make game. The development process probably started right after vacation of elder scrolls 4

wollie2747d ago

you mean number 5 of a wildly successful series is in production!?!?!? no way! i'll never believe it, its just to crazy


White-Sharingan2747d ago

God...I fucking want that game, I loved the fourth one. Even though I love fallout, I prefer Elder Scrolls, for the atmosphere, and of course you know, colorful environment.

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