Nintendo Life: Batman: The Brave and the Bold DS Review

A sample from Nintendo Life's review of Batman: The Brave and the Bold for Nintendo DS:

"The main adventure is where you'll spend the majority of your time, and it's laid out in fairly trademark platforming fashion. At the beginning of each area, you'll be introduced to the villain you'll be tracking down and ultimately facing off against in a boss fight. You'll then meet up with a fellow crime fighting superhero who you'll be able to utilise at any given time throughout the level simply by clicking the character you want to switch to on the DS touch screen. Each of these alternate heroes feature their own move sets, which makes them extremely useful for times when Batman just can't get it done. Much of the challenge will be figuring out which character to use in various situations, although if you're having trouble with this, the game can give you hints as you go along."

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