Playstation Plus: Is It Worth the Money? – Weeks 10 and 11

DHGF: Wow, not only is this Playstation Plus update pretty horrendous, but it didn’t go up until 9:55pm EST. All I can say to that is if you want a perfect example of why Sony is in dead last in terms of hardware and software sales for this console generation, all you have to do is look at how horribly they manage their weekly updates.

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ABizzel12899d ago

It's been worth the money for me. All the PSN game alone have been worth it.

goldensfree2899d ago

like a free dynamic theme n booster packs a bad thing
just cause your a troll obviously you never played the game
every week you put out this fud if you hate ps plus why not cancel n save us this weekly jerk off session.

Montrealien2899d ago

he is just trying to provide info on a product that might be of interest to people who have not got it yet since they feel it is not worth it.

Do you have psn+ golden? what is your psn btw?

goldensfree2899d ago

ta common n4g trolls.

this guys provides nothing but a whine session

Montrealien2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

its ok, I get it. You don`t have one or you are ashamed of your trophies..

don`t worry about it dude. Mine is Montrealien, and I am not afraid to hand it to common trolls have been doing it for years and trust me, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is funny that you think there is though. lol

fuckoffodion2899d ago

Oh monty. For you to think you're not a common troll. *wipe tears*

Montrealien2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

booyah loves me so much, he creates many accounts just to disagree with my comments, and send me weird PMs. He is such a cutie.

*pats booyah on the head*

- There there little fella, you will be a big boy soon and all of this will seem silly.

fuckoffodion2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Awsww. Montrealien doesn't feel loved, so he assumes I love him. Too bad I don't swing that way man. I'm in a commmitted relationship. Send you weird PM? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA If I remember, who sent me the first one? Oh not only are you a hypocrite, you're a liar too. ;(
You made me cry. And here I thought you were a nice person. Too bad you're too dense in the head.

It's okay man. I'm sure you'll hit puberty soon. And then you'll start liking girls instead of sending people PMs. I mean creepy PMs. :)

Hopefully that made you smile little fella. However, I still going to have to block you you anynomous fanboy. I don't like to be stalked. :D

Elimin82898d ago

Not really. I already own most if not all the free games. So that I think is Lame as all hell but, however, for those who didn't have a chance to try them or are into mini's, ps classics and themes.. Definitely worth it....

My 2cents.

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tinybigman2899d ago

Do we need these articles every goddamn week? I have it why because its worth it to me. If you feel that its worth it get it, if not don't get it. But we don't need this question asked week after week.

Army_of_Darkness2899d ago

I get jealous on the weekly when I see all the Nice, cool stuff they get free on PSN+!
well, once I get a job I'm subscribing;)

outrageous2899d ago

Well according to the PS3/PC community, paying for anything gaming related is bad..hence, you paying for PS plus is bad, so is buying games, paying for DLC is not good, buying a console is for losers as is supporting any publisher or developer. I guess they all work for free as well...LOL.

thebudgetgamer2899d ago

paying for the privalage to pay someone else is bad. paying fifty dollars for two hundred dollars of content is good.

amiga-man2899d ago

people complain about having to pay to play online, I have paid for my internet and microsoft take it away,and charge you $60 to get it back, and xbox fans are so grateful lol.
with psn plus i have a choice, with microsoft none .

DarkFantasy2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

outrageous you are outrageously missing the point.nice spin tho. hes a man that knows his stuff :)

GamerSciz2899d ago

For one thing, just because he doesn't like platformers or the games that are offered doesn't mean no one will. He acts as if his opinion is final. I kept on reading though to see what he had to say and in the end he said the one upside is he got the God of War: Hero of Sparta demo for PSP. For those of you who actually keep up with the gaming world and pay attention, unlike this so-called journalist, it's called God of War:Ghost of Sparta. Yes I am nitpicking but come on. Gaming journalists are a disgrace today.

Lucario2898d ago

Actually, it says Ghost of Sparta throughout the article. I think you were thinking of the Mini "Hero of Sparta."

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TLG19912899d ago

yea i got bit and bobs i wasn't really bothered about first two months but last month with sam and max and abe's oddessy... it was fantastic, im hoping for some special MOVE stuff on psn plus

jukins2899d ago

money wise it has been good i guess if you go by what you would've paid if you bought the stuff. but for me i wouldnt buy any of the stuff they've given for free. only reason the free games is well because they're free via plus. hopefully they add some services or at least discount or put the games everybody really wants like the joe dangers shanks and what not up for plus subscribers.

Paradise Lost2899d ago

Im happy with it thus far.

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