India gets its PSN Store; Sony decides not to tell anyone

IVG writes : Indian PS3 owners have been longing for a PSN Store ever since the console’s launch in 2007. And now the Store is finally here, but it took an eagle-eyed IVG member to bring it to public notice.

The Store is functional, there is content for sale, and even PlayStation Plus subscriptions are available; and it’s all in Rupees. But for some reason, Sony India didn’t feel it was important to let anyone know, quite likely because it’s still in testing phase. We are here to test it out for you Sony!

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Meisadragon2896d ago

can anyone from Europe check whether they got their PSN store.

Pumbli2896d ago

Tried the Icelandic PSN Store, no luck.


Like there ever would be.

Blacktric2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

PSN Store for Turkey finally opened today. I'm supa excited. Not much content right now but most of the prices are directly converted from Dollars/Euros without a problem. Finally, I won't have to pay 25-30 dollars for a 20 dollar PSN card. Thank God!

Edit: Checked the website and screenshot from the store. It shows exactly the same frontpage content as the store for Turkey. Only difference is that we don't have a PlayStation Plus subscription page right now, which I hope will be added soon. Oh and nobody's credit cards are working.

meetajhu2896d ago

Finally its in my pathetic country. Wonder how much money our governments stole from Sony's pocket!

ndibu2896d ago

No offence intended. Its just that you picked Sony over your country. Where's your sense of patriotism?
At least say your government, but you abandoned your whole country there with that comment. Get some pride man

maruyuki2896d ago

fuck you dude

you're just proving how ignorant you are about your own country.

and if you wanna talk about they dont respect their own people, there's hundreds of thousands of examples of that in the U.S.

SuperbVillain2896d ago

if your really Indian then your pretty fucking pathetic.I'm Indian and even though I was born and raised in Miami I'm happy that my people get this.

writersblock2896d ago

He's an NRI
Not Needed in India


But seriously, as a Indo-Canadian Punjabi, I'm sad for you. Dont diss your heritage man. Nobody will respect you for that, not Indians and not whatever ethnicity you're trying to fit in with by dissing india

On Topic:
I'm buying a PS3 for my house over there when I head to India. Theres nothing on TV cept cartoon network and discovery that I watch. Might as well game

meetajhu2896d ago

i said pathetic coz of our splendid governments not culture or people.

SuperbVillain2896d ago

well not everybody knows how our government is.Next time you should be more specific.

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cliffbo2896d ago

i really hope they get a store out for the Isle of White

sackgirl2896d ago

Still no Store in Hungary.

2896d ago
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