Gaming Age: NHL Slapshot Review

Gaming Age writes: "EA knows NHL action and has proven their success time and time again on the 360 and PS3. Gamers on the family friendly Wii console ask the question, where's the love for us? Well EA has graciously submitted a title that not only brings a great playing NHL game to the Wii console, but tosses in enough casual aspects that will appeal to the Wii audience who want everyone from little Johnny to Grandma Josephine to join in the fun".

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matey2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Sick of EA always refering to wii as family its like every game they make has to be toned down for everyone audience its about time someone told EA that a family game is to still be seperate from games that are meant for gamers Fifa,Madden,NHL,should be hardcore gamers games,Family games are Hasbro,My sims,ect not every game has to go casual ie why im not buying any game from EA except NBA JAM and thats the last game i will buy off EA even when there trying to get us all to buy there Massive Massive Budget games for Wii2 i will say No Way im buying Activisions major efforts and Capcoms/Nintendo/Konami=PES,Si lent Hill ect So when EA are making pennys on wii2 and Capcom are making Billions i will laugh because these devs will also say to EA u put out cheap products on wii so this is what happens FACT.