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Medal of Honor ‘High Value Target’ multiplayer video

The third 'MOH experience' video. (Medal of Honor, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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frankymv  +   1570d ago
Looks fucking superb.

day 1
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1570d ago
Fuck. Looks amazing!

day 1

720p HD version
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EvilBlackCat  +   1570d ago
oh wow
2 F-18 Super Hornets passing at 100 ft low on the hot zone.... JUST AN UNREAL RIDICULOUS SCENARIO A LA HOLLYWOOD STYLE
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ambientFLIER  +   1569d ago
Yes...that's unrealistic. What about two Apaches hovering 10 feet off the ground and laying waste to a village with rockets, which would never happen in a real war due to possible innocent casualties inside the buildings?
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RememberThe357  +   1570d ago
So you didn't play the beta?
This did look good but I still have a sour taste in my mouth from that beta. It also looks like the guns don't spray like in the beta. Hell, at least COD puts a recoil animation.

I really want this game to kick ass, I've been rooting for it since it was announced. I still think the multiplayer looks fantastic. but I'll rent the game and if the multiplayer is good I'll pick it up.

If DICE can take that crap fest of a beta a turn it into a great multiplayer experience my hat will be off to them. Especially after all the shit I've talked here and on their forums.
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mittwaffen  +   1570d ago
Not impressed, another FPS that share more in common with MW2 than it does to look different.

I own BF BC2, why the hell buy this when its more limited in scope? Plus we have Vietnam DLC.

Sorry, this isnt impressive...i'm done buying into FPS hype wait for a truly amazing game.. something more realistic I hope.
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FragGen  +   1570d ago
I have to admit, I was hating on MOH a few weeks back when looking at the MP vids and after playing the MP beta, this looks a lot better/more strategic than what I saw in the beta...

Also, this looks like it could have an amazing single player campaign which would be refreshing. KZ2 was the last shooter I bothered completing in SP mode.

I impulsively preordered this way in advance so I'm pretty psyched to see it looking like it can bring some awesome in the vid.
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raztad  +   1570d ago
It looks like the game got at least 2xMSAA. Visuals look smoother than in the beta.
Tripl3seis  +   1570d ago
pretty cool im getting this
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1570d ago
I'm army and the Gamestop on post called me this morning to tell me that the garrison commander has stated this game is not allowed to be sold on an army installation out of respect for the soldiers in Afghanistan. So my preorder was canceled.

Media Doucheballs 1
Reason and intelligence 0
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kaveti6616  +   1570d ago
Gabe, don't lie. You're not fit enough to be in the military.
Hellsvacancy  +   1570d ago
Meh, looks like summin ive played over and over b4
hellseek  +   1570d ago
its an fps...
Insomnia_84  +   1570d ago
"its an fps..."
8thnightvolley  +   1570d ago
is it only me that feels this is just way too similar to bc2 .. coz even the reload animation all so similar.. i am not too sure about this game.. they would have just called it bc2.5 or bc3 i dunno..
JLeVRT  +   1570d ago
"Meh, looks like summin ive played over and over b4"

You mean... Battlefield BC2? Yep. I agree
awiseman  +   1570d ago
The machanix and graphics look good, however I did notice that theres still no recoil.
Unicron  +   1570d ago
Casuals don't want recoil. They want point and click dude.
nickjkl  +   1570d ago
like a pc

either way it looked fun but theirs just something off about it something that maks me question its worth idk what it is

Edit:thats it it has no recoil no recoil is only good in co op games against swarms of bots
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awiseman  +   1570d ago
I beg to differ
Casuals dont play fps anyways anybody who has played any fps will notice that this game is way to easy. In REAL fps games particuarly on the pc no recoil is hacking.
awiseman  +   1570d ago
Thumbs down becuz i notice the obvious...
Interesting Im not even sure which fanboy group to blame lol.
theonlylolking  +   1570d ago
Looks freaking awesome
TardcoreGamer  +   1570d ago
clearly a Dice game..
zeksta  +   1570d ago
I really think this is going to be a great game, it has both a mic of Massive and Small maps depending on the player style, this game is going to be Great! :D
ChrisPriestman  +   1570d ago
This looks pretty good, yeah it's similar to 'those who must not be named', but who cares? I hope fanboys don't moan too much about this title, I personally think it will be on par to todays standard at last for the MoH series.
atlys  +   1570d ago
can't wait!
i just hope they fixed some of the connection issues experienced during the beta.
crematory  +   1570d ago
my only problem
with moh is the release date reach -moh-cod-kz3!
else i would buy it day one if they released it past summer
rekof  +   1570d ago
beta was shitty,..(maybe because 600megs,.. used beta just to server stress-test,..)

But this is really starting to look like a dice game,.. Looks awesome ! I kind of thought they will fuck it up,..
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MegaMohsi  +   1570d ago
Looks solid, hopefully all the hackers go play Black Ops so us normal gamers can enjoy this...
scar20  +   1570d ago
well said bubbles 4 u.
vickers500  +   1570d ago
I'll be playing both, getting twice the enjoyment you are.
MegaMohsi  +   1570d ago
who said I wasn't getting both? In an ideal world you want both games to be near perfect but we don't live in ideals, so im just hoping 1 of the multiplayers isnt hacker infested/glitch filled etc...
vickers500  +   1570d ago
"hopefully all the hackers go play Black Ops so us normal gamers can enjoy this..."

That kind of implies you aren't getting Black Ops, distancing yourself from it by saying 'us' normal gamers. It's a very easy phrase to misconstrue.
MegaMohsi  +   1569d ago
Yeah you're right, I should've phrased that differently, I hope all the hackers stay in one game so I will be able to enjoy at least one of them
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DelbertGrady  +   1570d ago
I think I'll wait for the BF BC 2 Vietnam expansion instead.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   1570d ago
medal of honor better than black ops and BC2! day one!
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Jack-Pyro  +   1569d ago
Better is a matter of opinion, and seeing as how only one of those three is out, I'm going to keep my OPINIONS to myself.
HOSe  +   1570d ago
this game is bound to have a solid community obviously not as big as cod but hopefully more competitive and mature
g5bay  +   1570d ago
it looks like a copy of cod online
RememberThe357  +   1570d ago
It's a modern military FPS
They're going to have similarities.
scar20  +   1570d ago
Will everyone stop saying this game sucks tell me have u played it other than the beta no so stfu.And dont judge a game with out playing.
redDevil87  +   1570d ago
wow, relax
Don't get your panties in a bunch
AllroundGamer  +   1570d ago
lol when i saw this i instantly though of the Robot Chicken Michael Bay parody :D - http://www.kontraband.com/v... , just waaay too much explosions :p
mac4u10  +   1570d ago
shocking looking good
WOW i think i will be getting this day1 after watching that, the video was kick ass i hope its from the console versions.
Smithie92  +   1570d ago
Amazing :D
BeastModeYMOB  +   1570d ago
This is why i'm trading MW2(crap) & BFBC2. MoH shits all over COD(horrible) & MW2(crap!)
damnyouretall  +   1570d ago
that video surprised the hell out of me. acually looks like its just as much fun as bc2. i havent been following this game at all. but now id like to kill some fkn taliban
jdktech2010  +   1570d ago
Ugh, don't know what to do. I'm buying Reach for sure and just deciding between Black Ops and MOH or Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Black Ops has the serious lead because MOH looked just looked like a bland cross between the two but this looks interesting.

Anyone who played the beta have an opinion? I konw it's a changed a bit since then but just curious.

I played BC2 on the PC but it was the first true FPS on PC and I died a lot so I'm better at consoles so that probably tarred my view of BC2 a bit. I guess just trying to get some unbiased (one can hope) opinions on how MOH plays and differences between BC2 and COD.

Either here or private messages would be great and I appreciate any and all help
JLeVRT  +   1570d ago
Looks ALOT like Battlefield. I already have BC2, and i DONT want a game that reminds me of Battlefield
M0t0rBreath  +   1569d ago
People saying this looks like BC2. Well, doesn't Black Ops look like MW2? Exactly!
TrixsR4kids  +   1569d ago
holy shit that was bad ass i can not wait for this game to come out.
chak_  +   1569d ago
are they even scripting their MP matches for video purpose...?

I mean the guy is in hell an no one shoots at him or even touch him wtf
jameelinus  +   1567d ago
the radio chatter
was nice to hear at first then after watching the vid for the fourth time, it just got annoying.

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