15 Years of PlayStation: A Look Back

Ever since the original PlayStation launched back in 1995, video games have never been the same. Since then, PlayStation has become a household name, an industry icon, and to many, a best friend. PlayStation as a brand has always been on the cutting edge of technology, ushering in new ways to be entertained for a total of 15 grand years.

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NJShadow2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

To think, we would have almost called it the Nintendo PlayStation, wow. I'll tell ya, it's been a pretty epic 15 years, so many awesome games, from Crash Bandicoot, to Metal Gear Solid, to Gran Turismo, to Burnout (just to name a FEW) and beyond. I'm definitely looking forward to the next 15 years!

T3mpr1x2898d ago

I think you mean "and b3yond." :)

remanutd552898d ago

congrats Playstation , you've been entertaining me for the past 15 years , i have played some truly amazing games throughout those years and i hope that doesnt change , well im almost certain that wont change anytime soon lol ( i still have to play The Last Guardian ) , god bless you playstation , looking forward to the next 15 years

sparvez2898d ago

been a wonderful 15 years for me as a big gaming fan. i still remember the day i got psx man those memories. along with snes, gameboy and the playstations those were my fav gaming platofrm. hopefukky the playstation brand will carry on for another long long long time

RageAgainstTheMShine2898d ago

You will never enjoy your video games as you do today without the existence of PlayStaion.

PlayStation is to video games console just like the iPhone is to smartphones.