New Catherine Information and Screens

New information on Atlus' upcoming title, Catherine, has been scarce the last couple weeks, but new information and screens have been revealed on the official site giving way to some potential future announcements.

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VegaShinra2752d ago

What the hell is the big deal with sheep....

Rybakov2752d ago

prolly has symbolism to the story and plot line of the game

its an atlus game its gonna have religious and subliminal messages in the story cause there amazing and know how to make games

darkziosj2752d ago

true that can't wait to see some gameplay

theKiller2752d ago

i am muslim but i would never use the bible as an entertainment thing or burn it!!

so why does the chritian world allow misuse of their book?

Rybakov2752d ago

in the personas n all smt games the had all religious references

Homicide2751d ago

The Personas/demons/enemies/allies in the SMT games are a bunch of mythological figures.


JoelR2751d ago


1st) what does this have to do with the topic of Catherine?

Because many feel that our holy books need no defense from those who don't follow it. If someone wants to damage it - so be it, If they want to read it go ahead.

We don't feel a need to force others to believe or respect that which we do. We just ask that peace be the goal of interactions.

Just as with any group there are extremists that do not represent the whole. Do we condemn everyone that is related to an extremist? I hope not. It's like saying all Sheep are white because some sheep are white... it's simply not true and thus saying it is a a fallacy.

Respect has to be earned from both sides of a debate, but to earn that respect it must be given first.

Rybakov2751d ago

to the answer of your first question catherine is based in or around the persona universe cause that is where vince shows up

and yes most of the persona's are based on mythical creatures but there are some religious ones in there as well...and digital devil saga has Hindu and Buddhist theame's in there....there is also a lot of things from the occult in the series as well.....tartarus is the greek version of hell

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Acquiesce2752d ago

despite the complete lack of information regarding how it actually plays.

Godmars2902752d ago

Boobies, much less simulated sex, tends to get gamers' attention...

Leafhopper2752d ago

Heavy Rain Atlus version...

BannedForNineYears2752d ago

Crazy low resolution.