PS3 Firmware Update 3.42 Problems: Bricks, Crashes and Black Screens?

Following on from Sony’s hasty PS3 firmware update to 3.42 yesterday, we told you how there wasn’t any initial problems following the update – until now. We’ve received a barrage of messages from our readers stating that 3.42 is causing them problems.
Just like v3.41, the new update doesn’t seem to be causing everyone problems, just a select few, which means that nothing is likely to be done about it, and Sony will refuse to acknowledge the problems unless it turns into a widespread issue.

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Tommykrem2814d ago

Okay, this apparently happens every time there's an update so I'm starting to ponder which one of the statements below that is actually true.

1) Each time Sony releases a firmware the number of consoles killed increases drastically, then lowers over time for no particular reason.

2) PlayStation 3 is pretty reliable, but not immune to dying. A lot of the people that had their console go haywire right after a firmware assumes that it was because of the firmware, even though it might have been a coincidence.

3) A mix of the two above.

I think number 3, but closer to number 2 than 1.

raztad2814d ago

My PS3 is fine and dandy after the firmware update. Sucks for those having problems tho.

InfectedDK2814d ago

Apparantly everytime there is problems with fw updates I have no problems.. I have a launch 60 gb fat ps3..

Red_Orange_Juice2814d ago

let me quote thesixthaxis

"If your PS3 is having problems after the current update it is a coincidence. A crappy, annoying coincidence but a coincidence all the same. Your PS3 doesn’t work, your girlfriend left you, they postponed the last episode of True Blood due to Labor Day. Nothing ever works out as you want. Shit happens, it’s called life – get used to it."

- Ghost of Sparta -2814d ago

Funny how the idiot who submitted this is making shit up 'cause Sony banned his PS3 for jailbreaking.

2814d ago
ABizzel12814d ago

I have a launch console and never has any problems with it. Which makes me wonder, how many people are actually having problems.

Cause from my experience it's being blown way out of proportion.

BulletToothtony2814d ago

i think any "news" with a question mark at the end should not be approved

dredgewalker2814d ago

First time I had problems was with the last firmware and I'm gonna hold out a little before installing the new one. I'm just gonna make sure that this version is stable before updating. Is it possible though that the malfunctions happen because of data loss during downloading the firmware or due to faulty programming?

MmaFanQc2813d ago

ps3 is fine, we see the same old bs on n4g at every firmware update....

MurerDk2813d ago

Raztad i agree with you.. suck for those Gamers with problems..

I have A fat(day1) and a slim(day1 also)with upgraded harddrives. both mashines have/are used almost every day for either gaming or blu-ray movies and are connected online. I have had No problems at all with firmware or any updates at all.. PS3POWER..

jadenkorri2813d ago

i now have a 2 ps3s, 60 gig launch and a new slim, both updated, both fine... any update can cause problems its bound to happen.
Strangely, i never see these types of articles when MS updates their console.

TotalPS3Fanboy2813d ago

that the only peoples with these problems are the pirates who jailbreaked their PS3 before updating to the new firmware.

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Montoya2814d ago

No problems. I`m playing MGS4 SP again right now.

DatNJDom812814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Everytime a new system update comes out, theres a report about PS3 crashing all over the world. Ive had this PS3 since 2007 and nothing has ever happened to mine. Although I doubt that every update goes smoothly (there might be instances where electronics actually fail, u know how EVERY electronic device eventually does), but the way the press comes down on it is ridiculous. But wait ridiculous is what gaming "journalism" has become so its expected. PS3 is dooooooommmedzzzz....... again...!

nickjkl2814d ago

its really simple though

there are over 38 million ps3s sold

if one person saw 100 different people post and or 100 different people came and told him about there ps3 dieing after a patch they would think its a huge deal

especially after a patch where people usually goto forums and become more active with their complaints and stuff

tinybigman2814d ago

I have 60 gig phat and never had any problems with updates. Bad luck to those that do.

XANDEO2813d ago

i have the same and never experienced a single problem (that i can think of) with any update

Scary692813d ago

This is a BS article I have no issues with any of my Ps3 after update.

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Killman2814d ago

I have not had any problems since the update. I never seem to have problems with firmware updates.

creamydingle2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Agree I have never had a problem since launch day.

nycredude2814d ago

Same here also.

Add this to your list Tommykrem

4) a few people's Ps3 just happened to die coincidentally and people blame it on the fw update. All electronics die over time and with 38,000,000 consoles out there it is expected that some will go!

AssassinHD2814d ago

Once again another firmware update has caused no problems for me whatsoever.

bustamove2814d ago

...I've never had problems with any firmware update. Why does this come up every time there's a major update?

mushroomwig2814d ago

The sad thing is, 3.42 isn't even a major update and articles like this still appear.

theonlylolking2814d ago

Maybe those people that are complaining about crashes and black screens used the hack for the PS3.

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