Strategy Informer: Global Agenda Sandstorm Review

Strategy Informer: "If Global Agenda teaches us anything, it's that adding jetpacks to a fairly average shooter makes for a hell of a good time. Yet even these wonderful contraptions were not enough to stir up interest when Hi-Rez Studios released its MMO blaster back in February, and subscription numbers began to dwindle rapidly.

Rather than let it die, however, Hi-Rez took a different approach, swapping a monthly fee based pricing plan for a simple one off payment, and adding a huge, open-world chunk of gaming in the form of the Sandstorm expansion. While it was difficult to recommend Global Agenda back at launch, there's far more to enjoy now and those jetpacks are sounding even more tasty. Sure, there are a few niggles here and there, but get a group of friends together and you'll have a blast."

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