PlayStation Celebrates Anniversary With Free Content and Discounts

Our beloved PlayStation has turned 15, and instead of us throwing the party, it seems as though Sony will be instead.

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NJShadow2726d ago

Awesome. It's nice to see Sony giving back to the consumers who helped make that 15-year mark possible. Thanks Sony! And long live PlayStation!

gtamike2726d ago

PlayStation has always been great so many games.

I remember when Xbox 1 was announced I told my friend the console name and I got back from him... "What kind of name is a X-Box? is it made out of cardboard and shaped like an X? hahaha"

PlayStation sounds alot better

Zachmo1822726d ago

Fanboys you gotta love them always having something stupid to say...But anyways i would love if Xbox did this...Actually if they did there would probably be some kind fee to join the party lol

DaTruth2726d ago

Can someone clarify when this is occurring and what regions it is in? Maybe PSOne released later in different regions so those regions will get it later?

Not seeing this on the Canadian store!

Z7772726d ago

come to think of it, what IS an x-box? lol at least a name like playstation makes sense. Nintendo gained it's name popularity over the years and everyone knows what a nintendo is(gameboy,ds,snes etc...).

sikbeta2726d ago

Congrats to Sony and The PlayStation Brand, more Awesome years to come for PlayStation Fans and people who enjoy gaming...

IHateYouFanboys2726d ago


the XBox was named as such because it was made by a group of Microsoft DirectX developers. it was originally going to be called DirectXBox, but was changed after focus testing.

pustulio2726d ago


When Xbox Live turned 5 years old they did some kinda "Party" and gave us free gamerpics...

That was the only thing given for free or if you want to count the contest they did it was just 1 winner i think and the prize was Microsoft Points aside from that they only did "Game with Fame" which you where playing against developers and thats it your celebration "party" is done.

I for one was disappointed with that.

SeNiLe9112726d ago

When Xbox LIVE Turned Five, 8 million members had the opportunity to download a free Xbox LIVE Arcade game, “Hexic 2” in Korea, and “Carcassonne” in the rest of the world where Xbox LIVE is available.
In addition to this, every active member who joined the service in 2002 received 500 free Microsoft Points.

I say this is a little better than a theme but at least it's a pretty decent theme we got on the PS3.

IHateYouFanboys2725d ago

Why did 3 people disagree with me about how the xbox came about it's name?

Seriously, how? Straight from Microsoft themselves, that is how the name 'xbox' came about. It was designed by a group of microsofts direct x developers, but their focus tests found that directxbox wasn't liked. Xbox was, so they changed it to that.

Seriously, it's like disagreeing with someone saying Sony make the PS3 lol.

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TROLL EATER2726d ago

no backwards compatibility? only for the lucky ones wiv 60gb


cause I have a 20 gigs black beast sitting rigth there with my SLIM.


DeadIIIRed2726d ago

Well the 60gb owners deserve it. We sat on the PS3 for almost a year with games like the Godfather and Genji. Resistance saw me through those hard times :P

nevin12726d ago

I have BC but my PS3 isnt a 60 GB.

Blaine2726d ago

Yeah, but people who didn't get Resistance at launch missed out! I felt it got less good with each update...

And there was also Warhawk, and soon after R6:V, and... Well, I forget! Sure, there weren't that many, but I never regretted getting my PS3 at launch.

Unfortunately, my 20gig YOLDed on me... :( Now I have a slim. Don't really miss BC that much...

Marceles2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

yeah Resistance single handedly made me play my PS3, the games I had before the good stuff like Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Folklore, Ratchet, and Motorstorm were:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Madden 07
Rainbow Six Vegas
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Spider-Man 3
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Virtua Fighter 5
Fight Night Round 3
Enchated Arms

I couple of those games were OK, but the rest were crap. I'm glad the games started picking up because around launch day, like 1 new game would come out every 2-3 months, most of the time it was multiplat and would get flopped by reviews. Then the good stuff would finally come out and they would still try to flop it

"Heavenly Sword too short? no jumping? female Kratos? FLOP"
"Ratchet too much variety? Too much stuff to do? Graphics don't look like Killzone 2 trailer? FLOP"
"Uncharted is just a male Tomb Raider? Puzzles not as good as Tomb Raider? Cover system just like Gears, but Gears invented the cover system? I don't care what you Sony fans say, who cares about Winback? Gears invented it! Uncharted is a FLOP!" early PS3 owners went through some tough times, I don't think anyone that's new to N4G will ever understand how bad Sony got it from the media and fanboys a couple of years ago. It was the complete opposite here...

Blaine2726d ago

It's exactly as you said. Hell, I remember how bad the PS3 bashing was back then--much, much worse than it is for the 360 now. Every single publication, whether it had to do with gaming or not, was bashing it.

I remember a particularly scathing article by Time magazine (wtf do they know about gaming?) where the PS3 even got the cover, with a pathetic insulting headline (unfortunately I can't find the image). The shit was coming down on the PS3 from EVERYWHERE. So naturally us PS fans had to support each other and fight back.

Sarcasm2726d ago

Two overrated features.

1. Backwards compatibility

2. Xbox Live

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SaiyanFury2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Damn rights. The original PlayStation is still my favourite console of all time. I dig my PS3 and I love my PS2s and PSPs (yes, plural) but my all time fave games were on the first one. Happy B-day PS, been loving you since January 1996. Game on!

Taggart4512726d ago

Do we know what KIND of stuff this deal now entails?

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T3mpr1x2726d ago

Hahahahaha I haven't played that game in years. My girlfriend thought it was hilarious.

jack_burt0n2726d ago

rub a dub is awesome, should have been free for a week!!!!

HeroXIV2726d ago

15th anniversary huh. Could be time for PSP2 at TGS? I hope so anyway...

Kain812726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

this time Sony is really tight leak, nothing about the PSP2
only some rumors


Matthew942726d ago

mabye they are tight lipped because they have nothing to say?

Kain812726d ago

normally they say something like we dont comment on rumors or speculations, but this time nothing...except that the next iteration will not be download only, like the PSPgo.

sam22362726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

My god, I can't believe it's been that long!

Anyone remember that T-Rex thingy on the demo that came with the PlayStation?

na2ru12726d ago

Mine also came with an under water stingray thingy demo ^_^

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