PSPgo Offer Extended

"Today I would like to announce that the PSPgo promotion has been extended until 31 January, 2011. This means you still have the chance to get 10 free games when you buy a PSPgo. "

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remanutd552815d ago

psp2 unveiling incoming?

pspgweber2815d ago

WOW..10 games... That's a lot.

IrishYamato2815d ago

This might sound dumb but i dont think Sony want the Go to sell. The major issue with the Go (apart from needing internet access) was the price, which Sony have said themselves but have never lowered it. If they dropped the price, demand would go up and they would have to fully support it. I'd say they're just trying to sell out the initial stock of the Go at the high price and then they will discontinue the device. Also, they said it was only a DD test, which i think they wouldnt have said if they were serious about trying to sell it.

IrishYamato2815d ago

Actually, i dont think Sony said the price was too high. I think i made a mistake there LOL.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2814d ago

No its the best evidence that there is a psp phone coming, basically selling the go at this price gets the manufacturing into full swing and if they do launch a phone the costs will be greatly reduced at launch.

Same goes for the x10 sony android phones.

kharma452814d ago

Launch day owners of the Go still getting screwed. Sony really should open up the offer to them too.