The Ultimate Gaming Flat Screens

As gamers it's expected to want the very best when it comes to your gaming experience, even if it costs a little extra money. Your consoles support the latest in graphics, but what's the point if your TV doesn't? Luckily, TV manufacturers are always looking for ways to better their TV's display. Unfortunately, the latest and greatest in High Definition TVs never come cheap, and at the same time happen to be oh-so tempting. With that in mind, here's a list of the Ultimate Gaming Flat Screens.

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darthv722631d ago

I just bought an LG 1080p 47" 120hz lcd for $600 at frys and it is a big difference from my samsung 720p 42" plasma I paid $650 for just over a year ago.. I will eventually get the 3d tv but for now I am enjoying what I have.

The_Count2631d ago

OLED is the future I yell ye ;) Keep an eye out for it. Much more energy efficient and superior contrast ratios.

OneSneakyMofo2631d ago

OLED takes the best of both worlds: the darkest blacks from the Plasmas, the energy efficiency and contrast of LCDs. I can't wait for this technology to hit the markets.

CobraKai2631d ago

I definitely want an OLED tv. Seeing one on display makes me drool.

fossilfern2631d ago

When OLED is at the right price I will get one right away but for the moment id look out for EDGE LIT LED screens probably the best form of LED TVs to get

OverdosedWitDopeness2631d ago

@Darth - I waz wondering how does 120hz effect gaming any noticeable improvements? cuz i waz thinking about selling my 50in 1080p plasma to get one of those tvs.

Gue12631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

in now way... 120hz is just an expression to make the masses believe they are getting a better performance tv.

Having a 120hz tv is like having a 1080p set to play 720p games. There is no 120hz content and there never will outside of the PC environment.

When you activate the 120hz option it'll actually make everything look worse but 120hz sets tend to be made of higher quality than 60hz though so the blurring will be less noticiable and the contrast will be higher.

divideby02631d ago

^ big diff in a 120 vs 60 sets..
just watch hockey or extreme sports.. I can clearly see a diff with the 120 sets... no motion blur..

unless you have a crappy panel, you will probably not see a big diff in gamming

I would NOT buy a HD set until mid next year, unless you are desparate... 240Hz 3D sets will be reasonable...

why buy now and miss out on the next big thang

darthv722631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I can tell there is a difference between the two regarding the 120hz of the lcd and the 60 of the plasma. It may not be as noticeable on games as it is on tv/movies but you can tell.

Overall it tends to cover up the imperfections in the frames by blending them quicker. The effect is really noticeable in animated movies like cars or shrek more so than live movies.

It is not so much an expression like Gue1 says. I thought it was until i got one and you just notice things differently. Not better or worse but...differently.

cyberwaffles2631d ago

yep, OLED's are the cream of the crop at the moment. can't wait to see what models will come down the pipeline later on when they're cheaper and even more powerful/efficient.

writersblock2631d ago

Im gonna wait a few months to see whats coming out, and if any better version of 3D comes up. If not, Im buying a 60 inch 3D LED and sticking with that till the next big thing comes up

dirthurts2631d ago

Great picture, and basically no log.
Turn off the 240hz crap though. It just adds artifacts.

AliTheBrit192631d ago

My Samsung LCD is pretty awesome

LED's are easily the best though.

bailoutbenny2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Beats my 55" Pioneer Elite Plasma.

Edit: Except a bigger Pioneer Elite Plasma.

popup2631d ago

I am running a 125" projector setup but would drop it in an instant for your Plasma (well, maybe keep both). Still the best screen my eyes have seen by quite a way.

cyberwaffles2631d ago

yeah projection sets are really neat too. almost baffles me why they sometimes look better than some LCDs and plasmas i've seen in the past.

popup2631d ago

Sorry, just to clear up, I mean a projector, projecting onto a 125" surface like a movie theatre not a rear projection television.

Angrychinchilla2631d ago

I have a Pioneer Kuro 2 and I laugh when people talk about their LCDs being the best.

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