Unboxing the PlayStation Move

PS3blog gets the PlayStation Move Starter kit and un-box it, with pictures, for you to see.

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Motorola2868d ago

Pictures? Cmon if they have a camera, im sure it can RECORD. but good nevertheless

PS3Blog2868d ago

Unfortunately it was a work camera, some old 2 mega pixel point-and-shoot without video. But I have posted a video that a friend site did of the unboxing, at the bottom of the preview.

Rybakov2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

unboxing the move
first you open the box and realize you bought a wii then your ashamed of your-self

unboxing kinect
you open the box to realize you just bought an upgraded vision cam then your ashamed of your-self

KratosGirI2868d ago

It's a shame that it's only available for the press :(

Anyway, can't wait until the 15th!

Sneak-Out2868d ago

yes, have also this box at home .. looks very cool

granthinds2867d ago

Very very cool article PS3blog!

PS3Blog2865d ago

Thanks grant :) Great video as usual!