In-depth Review: Kung Fu Rider - Electronic Theatre

Of all the titles set to be available alongside the PlayStation Move motion-controller next week, Kung Fu Rider is undoubtedly the most eccentric. The simple premise of mounting a small, wheeled seat – be it an office chair or a vacuum cleaner – and shooting downhill towards an awaiting van is complicated by the likes of storming triad and moving vehicles, and much more besides. Designed for both younger gamers and those wishing for a return of the halcyon Japanese oddity 16-bit days, Kung Fu Rider is that which is becoming somewhat of a rarity in the modern industry: the full game centred upon a one-shot mechanic. And so hopes are high that Kung Fu Rider has got its basic principle right from the start.

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i really dont get this game

knifefight2841d ago


mr.selfdestruct2841d ago

set jumps to a button and speed up slow down and i'd buy it.